Dispatches - Cerro el Plomo 2022

November 26, 2022

Follow news and updates from our 2022 Cerro el Plomo (5,434m/17,795ft) team on this short but sweet sojourn from the South American city of Santiago to the summit!

The Adventure Consultants Cerro el Plomo Expedition 2022 #1 runs from November 19 to 28, 2022.

The team includes:

Cerro el Plomo Team Members:

Blaine Werrin, United States
Paul Hersey, New Zealand
Shelley Hersey, New Zealand

Expedition Leader:

Miguel Infante Garcia, Chile

21 November 2022

Cerro el Plomo Begins

21 Nov Ready for the TripOur Cerro El Plomo expedition is underway! Paul and Shelley from New Zealand are using this expedition as a chance to pre-acclimatise ahead of their Aconcagua climb, and Blaine from the USA is refreshing skills before also climbing Aconcagua later in the season.

The team kicked off the trip with a city tour of Santiago - visiting the Santa Lucía hill, the beautiful New York Street, the Stock Exchange, the Government Palace (“La Moneda”), and the main historical buildings such as the National Library, the Court House and the former Congress. Having worked up an appetite, they finished off with lunch at the Central Market.
Later that evening, guide Miguel met the team for a gear check and briefing. Everyone was well organised, with Miguel commenting "They have better equipment than me hahaha"!

The next day everyone hopped in the van for the drive to Valle Nevado, and hit the dusty trail to Piedra Numerada - it's great to be underway!

Photos: (L) Ready to Roll, (Below) The team happy to have trekking underway and at the trail head to Piedra Numerada by Miguel Infante Garcia.
21 Nov Happiness21 Nov Trail head

24 November 2022

Poised for the Summit!

24 11 TeamAfter a few days acclimatising on the mountain our Cerro el Plomo team is now poised for the summit. Having reached Refuge D'Agostini (4,700m) in good health, and with a favourable weather forecast the team is planning to push for the summit tomorrow.

The last couple of days have seen the team trek up through Piedra Numerada and onto Base Camp Federaciones, situated at a track junction where one trail heads up the nearby Cerro Leonera, a popular acclimatisation peak and the other direction on to Cerro el Plomo. As the photo indicates, everyone is in good spirits and very much looking forward to tomorrows climb! Miguel for the AC el Plomo Team!

Photo: The team with Cerro el Plomo behind by Miguel Infante Garcia.

25 November 2022

Summit on Cerro el Plomo

Summit Cerro el Plomo Small Shelley Hersey

25 11 Summit Scenery Cloud did little to dampen the spirits of our team as they headed to the summit of Cerro el Plomo today! Congratulations to Paul and Shelley, who along with their guide Miguel made it to the summit and were rewarded with some views through the cloud to the distant mountains. It's been a great opportunity to pre-acclimatise for Paul and Shelley who are heading to climb Aconcagua soon after this trip ends. AC Office for the Cerro el Plomo team.

Photo: (Above) Miguel, Paul and Shelley on the summit by Shelley Hersey, (L) Paul and Shelley take in the view from the summit by Miguel Infante Garcia.


26 November 202226 11 Paul Shelley Miguel and Blaine

Team Descends

After returning to Base Camp and reuniting with Blaine the team have descended down off Cerro el Plomo. It's been a great few days and everyone is happy with the experience. Tonight it's a comfortable bed, a beer and a celebratory dinner in Santiago for everyone!

Photos: (L) Paul, Shelley, Miguel and Blaine enjoy a celebratory drink, (Below) descending from Cerro el Plomo by Miguel Infante Garcia.

26 11 Descent Cerro el Plomo Paul and Shelley26 11 Descent Cerro el Plomo