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One of life’s major achievements!

The Seven Summits defines the highest mountain on each of Earth’s seven continents. This collection of peaks embodies a significant but achievable objective for the motivated expedition enthusiast.

Adventure Consultants have a long association with climbing the Seven Summits. Company pioneers Rob Hall and Gary Ball completed all Seven in seven months back in 1990 and we’ve been at the forefront of Seven Summits expeditions ever since.

You too can climb the Seven Summits with us. Whether you decide to take seven months or seven years achieving this project, we can put programmes together to suit your timeframe.

To finally stand on the summit of Everest is a life changing highlight in itself, to do so at the completion of the Seven Summits programme is phenomenal!

We recommend you climb the Seven Summits in this order to achieve gradually increasing difficulty through the programme:

 Ecstatic moments on the summit of Everest.  © Dean Staples  

Why AC?

We’ve enabled people who are completely new to climbing to achieve all of the Seven Summits within as little as eighteen months and experienced climbers within one year! We offer a focused instruction programme to get you started, then you tackle the peaks from the easiest of the Seven, through to the most difficult, developing your skills and experience as you go.

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“When I decided four years ago to complete the Seven Summits, I wanted to try a different guide company for all of my climbs until I found one that I was comfortable with, had the experience on all the summits and met all my expectations. After using three other companies, I am now in the process of planning my third climb with Adventure Consultants.”

Stephen Wilson, Canada

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Latest News

Everest 2016 - High to Camp 3

 Mark and Ang Dorjee arrive at Camp 3 Everest 2016 

3 May - Our two fantastic Camp 2 cooks chose this morning to sleep through the alarm....


Lhotse 2016 - Back at Base Camp

 Climbers approach the Lhotse Face 

3 May - Team Lhotse are back in Base Camp, enjoying the home comforts....


Mera Peak 2016 - Acclimatisation Day

 The Mera Peak team at 5000m 

3 May - Today was our second day in Tangnag, and in the morning we walked above the village to 5000m....


Private Everest BC Trek 2016 - Final Steps to BC

 The trekking team made it to Base Camp! 

2 May - When I woke up early this morning, the first thing I did was unzip my tent door to check the weather...


Luxury Everest BC Trek 2016 - Camp Gorak Shep


2 May - A super clear and calm morning dawned for us and we made the most of our sunshine hours....


Island Peak 2016 - Dingboche

 The Island Peak and Khumbu Trek Team at Dingboche 

3 May - Up early through the rhododendrons and past the nunnery....


Everest Basecamp Trek 2016 - Final Farewell


17 Apr - After last nights dinner, our porter team joined us and we thanked them for...


Carstensz 2016 - Jungle Trek


17 Mar - The Carstensz adventure continues as the team made their journey from Suanggama to Sugapa by motorcycle to...


Aconcagua 2015/16 - Summit!

 20 Feb, 2016 - Congratulations! 

20 Feb -  All the team made it to Camp 3 on the 19th in good form and started the summit day on Feb 20 at 5am.



Vinson Massif 2015 - Homeward Bound


24 Dec - The Vinson team have at last been able to fly from Vinson Base Camp back...


Sherpa Future Fund

If you would like to support of the victims and affected families of the Everest Base Camp Avalanche, please consider contributing to the Adventure Consultants Sherpa Future Fund. 
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