29,035ft / 8,850m

Adventure Consultants are recognised on Everest as being the premier guiding service; we  provide suitably prepared climbers with the best chance at the summit in a very comfortable and highly organised atmosphere.

Everest from Kala Patar © Hamish Emerson

Our guiding staff add a tangible degree of safety, expertise and guidance  - the support they provide will make the difference between a difficult trip and a safe and enjoyable one. The success of an expedition is often determined by factors that are planned well in advance of the actual climbing; the many years we have been fine tuning the operational ‘blue print’ has led to a considerable increase in the proportion of our expedition members that reach the summit.

Our Sherpa and  Guide team are of the highest calibre in the industry and our ratios are higher than that provided by other expedition operators. Whilst we see some other operators foregoing the use of western Guides in favour of Sherpa-only guiding staff, we know that this places undue pressure on these highly capable but largely untrained people.  Instead, our expedition combines the strengths of our Guides and Sherpas to operate as a cohesive unit, contributing to a more complete team overall.    
AC has a legacy of employing the most up-to-date and appropriate technological equipment and systems; we are constantly evolving these systems to ensure we are performing to the highest levels of modern expeditioning. We incorporate specialised weather forecasting services into our ascent program and apply our knowledge base to interpret these towards a higher standard of decision making and success rates. We place special focus on catering and sustenance, training our cooking staff to provide excellent meals that earn constant positive feedback from our clients. We employ our own dedicated expedition doctor whose sole purpose is to ensure the ongoing health of the team members, staff and Sherpas and we have a qualified Basecamp manager to support the whole team in Basecamp and while they are on the mountain.

An attempt on Mt Everest is a committing undertaking which requires a huge amount of dedication and determination. If you are serious about achieving the top and feel you have the right ingredients and experience, we invite you to apply for a position on our team in 2014, on what will be our twenty-first Everest expedition.

Check out who else has climbed Everest with AC on our Everest summit list page.


: April 1 to June 2, 2014
Duration: 8 - 9 weeks

Departure: ex Kathmandu, Nepal

Price: US$65,000
Additional Services: Private Guiding, Everest Traverse, 'Max Ox' and more.... Click here for details
Again in 2014, climb Lhotse as well as Everest!
Click below to preview Everest Expedition 2014 Trip Notes online
 or, download and read the trip notes (PDF file) by clicking below;

Adobe Acrobat DocumentEverest Trip Notes 2014
and take a tour of our Base Camp facilities
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Do you have questions about our Everest Expedition? Read our Everest FAQs! Or phone us toll-free from North America on 1-866-757-8722 or +6434438711 from anywhere else, we're always happy to chat about everything Everest!

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Read the dispatches from our successful Everest 2013 expedition - 33 Everest summits for our 2013 team! 7 team members, 3 guides, 1 camerman and 21 Sherpas.

Take a look at the video made by our Everest / Lhoste 2013 team member Thomas Stromstedt, who has been raising funds with dZi Foundation to build a new school in Nepal http://thomas-2013-everest.com/video/

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We can outfit you with the necessary clothing and equipment for high altitude climbing, take a look at our online gear equipment and clothing catalogue.


Video Interviews from Everest Base Camp...

Everest 2013 climbers discuss their experience with AC

Reinhold Messner praises AC's Everest Base Camp

Interview with AC Head Cook Chhongba Sherpa

Home base for Heather Geluk at Everest Base Camp


Everest Preparation Course in New Zealand

Many climbers joining our expeditions have found our Everest Preparation Course or Seven Summits Course invaluable in their build up for Everest or other big peaks. In a lot of cases we are able to book time with one of the guides who will be on your expedition, and the objectives of your 7-10 day private course are tailored specifically to the mountain you are aiming towards and the skills you need to work on, with a flexible itinerary in order to make the most of the weather.  It is best to learn technical skills at 'low' altitudes, as it is much more difficult to learn skills when your brain is short of oxygen up high! For this reason, the mountains here in New Zealand are an excellent training ground. Because the snow and ice extend to low levels here year round, it makes for long technical climbs without the hassles of high altitude.

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