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Fitness Training Programmes

Preparation is a key ingredient to a successful expedition. Not only do we wish all our team members to successfully achieve their goals but a good standard of fitness will ensure you have fun doing so!

Whether you are embarking on a multi-week expedition to an 8,000er or a lower altitude hiking trip, training is vital. For this reason, we are happy to provide information relating to training, skills and prerequisites specific to each objective. Please also contact our office with any questions around your specific training requirements.

Uphill Athlete

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Training for mountaineering and climbing can be as challenging as the peaks themselves. Adventure Consultants is proud to partner with Uphill Athlete to offer you all the support you need to achieve your mountain goals.

From those looking for an introductory mountaineering experience to those aspiring to big mountains like Denali, Cho Oyu, and Everest, Uphill Athlete’s training combines tested sports science and decades of "on-the-mountain" experience and wisdom. From sport- and objective-specific training plans to personal coaching, get exactly the support you need, how you need it, to reach your peak.

Founded by renowned alpinist Steve House in 2016, Uphill Athlete is widely acknowledged as the leader in the field. Their carefully selected coaches work as a cohesive team supported by physical therapists, MDs, Registered Dieticians, and sports psychologists. They have successfully trained expert and amateur mountaineers alike.

Uphill Athlete has a strong mission: to inspire and educate mountain athletes through education and celebration. They literally wrote books on training for mountain sports, including the best-seller Training for the New Alpinism. On their website, you'll find a wealth of science-based, mountain-proven resources, including articles, videos, and podcasts. 

Uphill Athlete’s well-tested training plans provide a range of options from short 8-week programs through to 6-month programs, as well as trip-specific plans, for example, Mont Blanc ascents and Trekking in the Everest region. For those who desire more support, join their monthly membership program for access to coach-moderated lectures and chats, or book 1:1 coaching sessions with an expert coach to get completely custom support for your mountain goals.  

For expedition objectives, Uphill Athlete recommends a minimum of four months and ideally six to seven months to prepare for an 8,000m peak ascent.

What our past climbers have said about Uphill Athlete:

“I felt a little silly at first, hiring a coach. It just seemed a little too fancy for little old me but now that I’ve had some coaching I don’t feel that way at all. I highly recommend getting some help on your own training goals.”
Alex, Denali

“It is amazing to have someone checking in to be sure you’re not pushing to the point of injury and creating flexible and adaptive plans based on your body’s response to your training on a daily basis. I was expecting a personal trainer’s attitude of “push push push!” but what I got was very well educated and measured input.”
Peter, European Alps

"I had trained with Uphill Athlete before and had enjoyed their scientific approach to getting my body tuned up for the hardship of climbing... Steve’s plan made me progressively stronger over the months."
Kah Shin, Triple Crown. Read Kah Shin's full article here.

Simulated and Pre-Trip High Altitude Training

NZ Altitude Training CentreTraining in a simulated high altitude environment has scientifically proven health and performance benefits. Altitude training has been a method employed by high performance athletes for a number of years, and now increasing numbers of centres are making these facilities available to the wider public. But it's not just for athletes and mountaineers - trekkers and skiers have also benefited from training in a simulated high altitude environment. Simulated high altitude training can offer the benefit of pre-acclimatisation which can help your body adjust faster to the lower levels of oxygen while you're trekking and climbing, giving you the best opportunity to achieve your goals. For further information check out some of our High Altitude Training Partners.

Similar results can also be achieved by pre-acclimatising on peaks smaller than your main mountaineering objective. For example, for those climbing in the European Alps we offer a 2 day Pre-Course and Acclimatisation Programme, that provides training and pre-acclimatisation climbs in the lead up to your trip. For Aconcagua, we offer the Cerro el Plomo pre-acclimatisation climb. Contact us for further information about how we can assist in organising alternative pre-acclimatisation climbs prior to your expedition.

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