The North Face Inferno

July 28, 2017

A sleeping bag rated -20F (-29C)

A review by Guy Cotter, CEO of Adventure Consultants.

We do get used to certain items of equipment being designed with standard customary features so when you do see a change to the 'norm’ it is easy to write it off as gimmicky or just not quite right!

I felt that way towards the North Face Inferno sleeping bag when I saw the zipper was on the top of the bag, you know, the part where all the heat can escape and hence the reason the zipper has never been on the top of any other bag I’ve seen before.

TNF Inferno sleeping bag. Its zip proudly displayed.
I used the -29C version of the sleeping bag on a recent expedition to Dhaulagiri this year, they also make a -40 version of the Inferno which I used on a trip to South Pole (I actually found that bag too hot even with overnight temperatures below -40C).

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