Optimum Layering

January 11, 2018

Words by Guy Cotter, CEO of Adventure Consultants

Climbers all have differing views on what is the best clothing system for mountaineering. Otherwise compatible climbing partners can fall into vigorous debate when the subject of clothing comes up as each adamantly supports their own preferences over those of others. This goes well beyond individuals beating up over it, even different nations have completely different philosophies about clothing systems that seem at complete odds to each other.

Most of us will vehemently oppose the concept that we may have preference towards items pushed by the equipment manufacturers and retailers in our own country or that it’s just happenstance that we like the same clothing as the local climbing heroes are wearing. This may or may not be true but if you want to raise the guile of a climber and see them go red in the face in less time than it takes Ed Viesturs to change labels then you should suggest that their decision is based on fashion and marketing rather than reason....

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