Guy Cotter

Guy Cotter

CEO, IFMGA Mountain & Ski Guide

Guy's whole life has been spent in the mountains - in New Zealand, the Himalayas and many other mountain ranges around the world. Born in southern New Zealand, he was introduced to the outdoors at an early age where a fascination for the mountains was fostered. He feels these days spent as a young explorer were a solid foundation for his future climbing career.

His passion for the mountains eventually saw him focus on a career as a mountain guide where his skills earned him a position working alongside fellow Kiwis Rob Hall and Gary Ball when they established their Everest guiding company, Adventure Consultants, in 1992. Guy excelled as a high altitude guide and, along with Rob and Gary, led the team to the summit that year on the first commercially guided expedition on Everest.

After Rob Hall was lost in the tragic events on Everest in 1996, Guy took over Adventure Consultants becoming Director and CEO, and has grown the company in to what it is today. For more on the history of Adventure Consultants, click here.

In addition to guiding, Guy's skills are in demand as a high altitude cameraman, running film projects in the Southern Alps (or on the Seven Summits), training corporate groups and meanwhile ensuring the list of exciting destinations for Adventure Consultants' clients is always growing!

For Guy, the pleasure of operating an adventure business lies not in the financial rewards but rather in helping clients achieve their dreams.

  • Notable Ascents


    • Guy Cotter Mt SlaughterClimbed 7 x 8,000m peaks; Everest (1992, 1997, 2006, 2007, 2018), Cho Oyu (1997), Gasherbrum 2 (1997), Makalu (2001), Manaslu (2012), Lhotse (2013, 2018), Dhaulagiri (2017)
    • Completed the Seven Summits including Carstensz & Kosciuszko - 2005
    • First ascent of a new route on the Balfour Face of Mt Tasman - 2003
    • First ascent, Mt Slaughter, Antarctica 3600m - 1998 (pictured)
    • First Westerner to guide and climb three 8000m peaks in one year - 1997
    • Awarded CMC/Macpac New Zealand Mountaineer of the Year - 1997
    • Summitted Everest, guiding for Adventure Consultants alongside Rob Hall and Gary Ball for their first commercially guided expedition of Everest - 1992
    • Third ascent of Uli Biaho Spire in the Karakoram - 1989
    • One of first New Zealander's to climb Dhaulagiri along with Dean Staples and Lydia Bradey - 2017
    • Back to back ascents of Everest and Lhotse within 24 hours - 2018
  • Q & A

    Guy Cotter AICWhat do you love most about guiding?

    I share a passion with the team here at Adventure Consultants to be the best we can be at what we do. We all get a lot out of seeing our clients have the best experience of their lives.

    It’s that look of elation and seeing them evolve as personalities through the mental challenge of mountaineering that gets me.

    Outside of climbing how do you like to spend your time?

    Guy Cotter Ski ActionI'm based in Wanaka, NZ, which is close to Mt Aspiring National Park and set on the shores of beautiful Lake Wanaka. With several ski resorts, lots of crags, rivers, paragliding, mountain biking galore; Wanaka offers everything I could ask for in providing an adventurer’s daily fix.

    I try to balance my time between steering the company and fulfilling my love of rock and mountain climbing as well as mountain biking and photography. Every now and then I take a complete break, disconnect from the modern world, and head to the South West Coast of the South Island to go fishing and diving from my dingy.

  • International Expeditions

    Seven Summits

    Guy Cotter Everest 92Everest (8,850m/29,035ft)

    • Summits – 1992 (pictured), 1997, 2006, 2007, 2018
    • Team turned around at South Summit, 100m shy of the top due to weather and late hour - 1995
    • Descended from South Summit high point assisting exhausted team member - 1993
    • Was leading Everest Expedition in 2015 when the 7.8 earthquake occured, causing widespread devastation in Nepal and the cancellation of the expedition

    Kilimanjaro (5,895m/19,340ft)

    • Lead guide - 2004, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015
    • Climbed and filmed Annabelle Bond as part of her 7 Summits in one year program - 2004

    Guy Cotter Mt McKinley Denali 2005 29Elbrus (5,642m/18,510ft)

    • Lead guide - 2003, 2009

    Denali (6,190m/20,308ft)

    • Guide and cameraman. Summited via the West Buttress - 2005 (pictured)
    • Attempted via West Buttress, weather prevented summit - 1990

    Carstenz Pyramid (4,884m/16,023ft)

    • Guided first AC group since 1995. Team of five all summited including Barb Gurtler, age 71 and Karla Wheelock, the first Latin American woman to complete the Seven Summits - 2005

    Kosciuszko (2,228m/7,309ft)

    • Climbed and filmed Annabelle Bond - 2004

    Guy Cotter cooking Vinson 17Mount Vinson (4,892m/16,050ft)

    • Lead Guide - 1994, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2006, 2017 (pictured in the kitchen tent)

    Aconcagua (6,962m/22,841ft)

    • Lead guide, summitted via the Falso Polish route - 2001

    8,000m Peaks

    Guy Cotter summit Lhotse May 22 2013Lhotse (8,516m/27,939ft)

    • Lead guide on the first AC Lhotse expedition. Sixth 8,000m peak - 2013 (pictured)
    • Lead guide on back-to-back Everest/Lhotse ascents - 2018

    Manaslu (8,163m/26,781ft)

    • Lead guide on the first AC Manaslu expedition. Fifth 8,000m peak - 2012
    • Lead guide heavy snow and avalanche danger prevented summit - 2015

    Makalu (8,481m/27,824ft)

    • Summited with Lhakpa Dorjee Sherpa (first person to climb Makalu twice) and Takashi Ozaki who was summiting his seventh 8,000m peak. Fourth 8,000m peak - 2001

    Dhaulagiri Summit Guy CotterDhaulagiri (8,167m/26,794ft)

    • Attempted Dhaulagiri on an AC expedition with Veikka Gustafsson and Ed Viesturs. Expedition was turned back due to heavy snow conditions - 1998
    • Climbed Dhaulagiri in 2017, first New Zealander's to summit along with Dean Staples and Lydia Bradey

    Gasherbrum 1 (8,080m/26,509ft) & Gasherbrum 2 (8,035m/26,361ft)

    • Summitted Gasherbrum 2 without oxygen. Third 8,000m peak - 1997
    • Attempted Gasherbrum 1 - 1997

    Cho Oyu (8,188m/26,863ft)

    • Lead Guide, second 8,000m peak (Everest was first - 1997)
    • AC Guide - 1995

    Himalayan Climbs

    Muztagh Ata (7,545m/24,753ft)

    • Leader of reconnaissance expedition for a proposed ski ascent and descent - 1998

    Pumori (7,161m/23,494ft)

    • Lead Guide. Expedition abandoned when Rob Hall’s Everest expedition ran into trouble. Guy then assisted with rescue at Everest Base Camp - 1996

    Ama Dablam (6,828m/22,401ft)

    • Lead Guide, Summitted - 1996

    Nuptse (7,861m/25,790ft)

    • Lead Guide, turned back 200m shy of summit due to avalanche conditions, read Guy's account here - 2018



    Guy Cotter South Pole
    South Georgia - Shackleton Crossing

    • Guided a group across South Georgia, following the footsteps of renowned Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton - 2016

    South Pole Ski The Last Degree

    • Led a group to the South Pole, where the team was flown to 89 degrees south, and then trekked for 10 days to the pole - 2010 (pictured)

    Antarctic Pennisula

    • Lead guide, expedition completed several first ascents - 2006

    Guy summit Mt Kenya Nelion route 2007Mt Kenya (5,199m/16,794ft)

    • Climbed via the Nelion route - 2007 (pictured)

    Mont Blanc (4,807m/15,771ft)

    • Summitted - 2009





  • New Zealand Ascents

    Guy Cotter Aoraki Mt Cook summit Dec 2011Mount Tasman (3,498m/11,476ft)

    • Climbed the first ascent of a new route on the Balfour face of Tasman, one of New Zealand’s most difficult and remote alpine faces - 2003. Read about the epic climb here.

    Mount Hicks (3,216m/10,551ft)

    • Solo ascent via the left hand buttress -1981

    Aoraki Mount Cook (3,754m/12,316ft)

    • Guy’s first ascent at age 17. He has climbed Aoraki numerous times since - 1981 (pictured)

    Traverse Arthurs Pass to Aoraki Mount Cook

    • At age 15 Guy made the traverse with three companions including Rob Hall, age 16 - 1977

    Mount Rolleston (2,271m/7,450ft)

    • Summitted at age 11 with father, Ed Cotter - 1973
  • Rock & Ice

    img 0788ROCK

    • Toulomne Meadows, Yosemite, USA - 1990
    • Uli Biaho Spire 6,109m – 1989
    • Summitted South Pillar - third ever alpine style ascent of this Karakoram spire.
    • Salathe Wall and the Nose on El Capitan, Yosemite, USA -1981-1984
    • Arapiles Australia - 1981-1984, 2010
    • Wanaka, NZ - multiple first ascents, 1984 onwards


    • Wye Creek, New Zealand - repeat visitor whenever possible each winter!
    • Cogne, Lillaz, Italy - 2015


  • Qualifications


    • Trained and Assessed under the New Zealand Mountain Guides Association. Completed 1990.


    • Last revised in 2015, current until 2018


    • New Zealand Avalanche Institute


    • Life Member

    IFMGA logo

  • Work Experience


    Director/CEO 1996 – Present

    Guy was a guide on the first Adventure Consultants Everest expeditions in 1992,1993 and 1995 and purchased Adventure Consultants from Rob Hall’s wife, Jan Arnold in June 1996. He continues to lead expeditions as well as performing hands-on work as a Safety Manager, Locations Manager, and consultant for major film productions around the globe. He also gives lectures for everyone from burgeoning mountaineers to corporate groups.

    Since 1996 Guy has grown the company to a diverse operation spanning all the continents. From initially only running four expeditions annually the company is now offering over 50 expeditions operating in the Himalaya, South America, the 'Seven Summits' and the Arctic / Antarctic along with busy Climbing Schools in New Zealand and Europe. He leads a team of the world's best mountain guides and the client base of the company come from all corners of the globe.

    Expedition Guide 1992 - 95 on Everest, Cho Oyu and Vinson.


    Film Crew / Private Charter Co-ordinator 1995
    Directed Avalanche & Mountaineering Courses 1995
    Snow Safety Officer 1994 - 95
    Ski Guide 1984 - 94


    Chief Mountaineering Instructor 1991 - 92


    Founded with associates Paul Scaife and Nick Cradock. 1989
    Guide - mountaineering ascents, instruction courses - 1989 - 1996

    ALPINE GUIDES, Aoraki Mount Cook, NZ

    Alpine Guide 1984 – 94

    Worked at ski resorts Australia and the USA 1981 - 84

  • Film & Safety Work

    Guy Cotter on set Everest 2014 movieEVEREST - WORKING TITLE (2013/14)

    • Key Alpine Advisor - Mountaineering Advisor
    • Lead Mountain Safety for mountain locations in Nepal and Italy
    • Guy Cotter role in this movie played by Sam Worthington

    BEYOND THE EDGE, General Film Corporation (2013)

    • Locations Scout/ Mt Cook
    • Mountain Safety Coordinator
    • Advisor to script, props, wardrobe etc.
    • High altitude Everest photographer
    • Everest filming director

    GAP - New Zealand Photo Shoot (2010 – 2013)

    • Locations/safety
    • Line producer

    LOUIS VUITTON - New Zealand Photo Shoot (2012)

    • New Zealand producer

    VARIOUS COMMERCIALS - Film/photo (2005-13)

    • Locations Scout
    • Safety
    • Helicopter Coordinator
    • Production


    • Climbed and filmed UK woman Annabelle Bond on Kilimanjaro and Kosciuszko as part of her 7 Summits in one year program which AC also coordinated.

    LAST SAMURAI, Warner Bros (2003)

    • Locations Scout, Queenstown
    • Safety/Medic

    NO MARGIN FOR ERROR, Road Rules Production Limited (2003)

    • Locations
    • Rigging
    • Safety


    • Lead Rigger

    ECO CHALLENGE, NZ (2001)

    • Chief Guide

    X FORCE – National Geographic Documentary (2001)

    • Talent/Camera
    • Mountaineering Science

    EVEREST BASE CAMP – Documentary (2000)

    • Co-Producer
    • Talent

    THE VERTICAL LIMIT, Sony Pictures (1999-2000)

    • First Unit Safety Coordinator
    • Climbing Coordinator
    • Advisor to Production, Script, Art Department
    • Talent (featured as himself)
    • Locations
    • Aerial Coordination

    MT EVEREST, Nova -Everest Special Feature, High Altitude Physiology (1997)

    • High Altitude Camera Operator – filmed summit ascent

    ANY PLACE WILD, PBS (1997)

    • Safety and Locations

    CHANNEL 3 NEWS, NZ – Everest (1996)

    • Interview footage

    MOUNTAINS TO THE SEA, TVNZ John Gadsby (1995)

    • Safety and Locations

    NOTO SKIS, NZ (1987)

    • Safety and Locations
    • Talent


    • Safety and Locations
    • Ski Model
  • Media


    Everest Mountain Guide Cover

    Everest Mountain Guide by Guy Cotter
    September 2023 - Pre-order your signed copy! Everest Mountain Guide follows the career of Guy Cotter, AC CEO and mountain guide, who has been leading guided ascents of Mt Everest since the early 1990s. An authentic and riveting behind-the-scenes insight into what actually transpires on the mountain, the huge challenges faced by both guides and climbers, and the life and death dramas that inevitably unfold. Guy Cotter is one of the most respected and experienced Everest guides in the world. His remarkable story will appeal to anyone with a taste for adventure, and who wants to know what a high-stakes life really looks like.

    All About Everest PodcastAll About Everest Podcast - Interview with Guy Cotter CEO of Adventure Consultants
    August 2023 - Guy Cotter talks about how mountaineering has changed, the good and the ugly on Everest, and his book coming out in the fall: "Everest Mountain Guide: The Remarkable Story of a Kiwi Mountaineer".

    Everest Scotch 2023

    Nepali Times - First Scotch on the Summit of Everest by Lisa Choegyal 
    June 2023 - Around 7,000 people have now reached the highest point on the planet, the top of Mt Everest since it was first scaled by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. But only one bottle of whisky has ever made it to the top, and that was on 23 May this year.


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    Cool Conversations - From dirt bag climber to international business owner 
    December 2022 - Guy Cotter has been at the cutting edge of high-altitude guiding since the 90s. A guide on one of the very first commercial expeditions to Everest, there is little he hasn't seen in the ever-changing world of 8000m climbing.

    Guy Cotter Radio NZ Apr 22Radio NZ - Guy Cotter: Kiwi Mountaineering Legend on Returning to the Himalaya
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    Only Two for EverestStuff NZ - The 'bitter dispute' that led to knocking off Everest
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    Alan Arnette 2017 Interview with GuyAlan Arnette Blog Fixing Everest
    Alan Arnette interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter on the state of commercial guiding on Everest, and his recent article on 'Fixing Everest'.


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    Utah Adventure Journal - Guy Cotter, A Life of Climbing
    February 2012