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South America Add Ons

Why not complete your South American Adventure by seeing a little more of this magnificent continent? Experience the wonder of the Inca Trail, explore the ancient Machu Picchu ruins, enjoy the contrasts of old and new on city tours or sail to the wildlife mecca of the Galapagos Islands. From short tours to tack onto the end of your expedition, through to week-long trekking adventures, the team at Adventure Consultants has something for everyone.

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Alpacas are unique feature of South America

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Colonial architecture in the Plaza de Armas, Cusco - Amy Hall

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Sunrise at Machu Picchu

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Colourful Otavalo market stalls

Tailored to your budget and time frame, our South America Add Ons cater to you, whether it's a short half day wine tour in Mendoza following your Aconcagua climb or a seven-day hike on the Inca Trail. Contact us to discuss your plans today.

  • Inca Trail & Machu Picchu

    Amy Hall Machu Picchu 1

    No trip to South America would be complete without a trek to Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan city nestled in the jungled foothills of the Andes. Perched on a ridge at 2,430m/7,970ft, this mystical network of temples, dwellings and narrow stone lanes was believed to have been built as a royal estate in the mid-1400s. We can arrange a trek through the cloud forest to these ancient ruins, often rated as one of the top treks in the world. Covering 43km/26 miles from ‘Kilometre 82’ to the lively town of Aguas Calientes, this trip culminates in a guided visit through Machu Picchu on the final day of your trek. With stunning scenery and archaeological sites peppering the route, this really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


    Day 1: Transfer from Cuzco to Km 82 and hike to the ruins at Huayllabamba (3,000m/9,800ft) to camp for the night. 5-6 hours trekking.
    Day 2: Climb Warmiwañusca (Dead Women’s) Pass at 4,200m/13,800ft and camp at Paqaymayu (3,500m/11,500ft). 6-7 hours trekking.
    Day 3: Cross the Abra Runkurakay Pass (3,955m/12,976ft), passing the ruins at Runkurakay (3,924m/12,874m) and exploring the site of Sayacmarca (3.600m/11,800ft). Ascend to the site of Phuyupatamarca (3,670m/ 12,041ft) also known as ‘The Town in the Clouds’. Descend to Wiñayhuayna (2,700m/8,850ft) to camp. 7 to 8 hours trekking.
    Day 4: Early start to arrive at the Sun Gate by 7.30am for astounding views of Machu Picchu. 2-hour guided tour plus time to explore on your own. Descend to Agua Calientes by bus for lunch and train to Cuszco. 2 hours trekking.

    As the number of daily permits is limited, be sure to book early to avoid disappointment. Please contact us for more information on this option.

  • Off The Beaten Tracks

    While in Peru, there are many off-the-beaten-track trails to be explored, often to the little-visited and remote ruins that are scattered all over the country. Here we put the spotlight on some ideas below:

    Choquequirao Amy HallChoquequirao Trek
    Similar in structure and architecture to Machu Picchu, the ruins at Choquequirao hold fort over the Apurimac River in the breathtaking Vilcabamba mountain range. The spectacular trail plunges deep into the Apurimac Canyon before rising again to reach these fascinating ruins. Although this trail is accessible from the bustle of Cusco, the remote atmosphere will make you feel like an adventurer of old as you explore the building and terraces of this mysterious site. Typically 5 days trekking.

    Lares Trek
    A convenient jaunt out from the cultural city of Cusco, the scenery of the Lares Trek is every bit as breathtaking as that of the Inca trail. In fact, due to its remote location, it’s possible to imagine that the route is almost unchanged from how the Incas experienced it when they roamed this rocky land over 500 years ago. An achievable 33km/20 mile trek, this rarely visited gem offers a glimpse into the lives of rural Andean farmers going about their daily lives. Typically 3-4 days trekking.

    Speak to us about adding any of these options to your South American adventure, or exploring other trekking opportunities.

  • Galápagos Islands

    galapagos 2113915 1920The famous Galápagos Islands are a collection of twenty-one islands out in the Pacific Ocean, scattered along the equator off the coast of Ecuador. Carved by volcanic activity millions of years ago, this isolated archipelago is best known as the "Laboratory of Evolution" observed by the 19th century naturalist Charles Darwin. Darwin’s studies of the distinct native species of the Galápagos inspired his theory of evolution by natural selection, becoming a pivotal moment in world history.

    Today, these rocky and windswept islands still remain a pristine haven for wildlife, including iguanas, tortoises, lizards, turtles, sealions, penguins and albatross. Having existed for so long in isolation, much of the Galápagos wildlife has never acquired a fear of humans, allowing visitors a unique insight into a lost world.

    giant tortoises 2872006 1920Flying from Quito in Ecuador, you can join a cruise to best explore the coves, lagoons and beaches of these famous islands. Disembarking at various locations for nature walks, snorkelling, swimming and visits to interpretation and breeding centres, this is a varied and totally unique add-on to any South American adventure.

    Please contact us for more pricing and departures.

  • Amazon Tours

    31879837 173978033424299 4228143488979435520 oFor many travellers, the Amazon jungle epitomizes South America and a visit through its steamy labyrinth can be the perfect complement to a mountaineering trip. A short domestic flight from Cusco or Quito allows you to enter a completely different world of lush forests, exotic animals and tropical trees buzzing with canopy life. Let us arrange for you to journey up the Amazon by boat to a local lodge and explore the wonders of the rainforest.

    Possible activities include:

    • 31905636 173976986757737 3377819631719809024 oSpotting local wildlife such as parakeets, parrots, macaws, sloths, monkeys, capybara, caimans and more
    • Swimming with pink freshwater dolphins
    • Fishing for piranhas
    • Flying through the treetops on a canopy zipline
    • Visiting native villages
    • Experiencing a session with a native shaman
    • Paddling in dugout canoes
    • Night excursions to learn about nocturnal animals

    Please speak to us about adding this experience to your climbing expedition.

  • City Tours

    matt broch 586079 unsplashMendoza (Argentina)
    Wine Tours
    Mendoza is synonymous with wine and set to the backdrop of the Andes, the plentiful wineries provide the perfect location to tour following your climb. Let us arrange a half or full day wine tour with a local company after your expedition. It is a fantastic way to celebrate a successful trip and an excellent opportunity to buy some great gifts for your friends back home.

    santiago 743 1280Santiago (Chile)
    This bohemian city is an eclectic mix of culture and modernity, with grand architecture mixed in with modern bars and swanky restaurants. There's much to see during an extra day in the city, from just strolling through the pleasant avenues and parks to numerous sights to see, including the San Francisco church (one of the oldest colonial buildings in the country), the palace of La Moneda with its changing of the guard, the Santa Lucia Hill and many great nightlife opportunities.

    lima 502041 1920Lima (Peru)
    Arriving or departing from Lima and have extra days up your sleeve? We can help with extra accommodation and city tours with our fantastic local guides. Visit the spectacular 16th century religious site the Iglesia de Santo Domingo, the Museo Larco for one of the world's largest and best-presented collection of ceramics, or simply explore the city's centuries-old aesthetic delights. 

    PeruTiff July 09 718 CopyCusco (Peru)
    Cusco is an amazing city that was once a hub for the ancient Incan culture. Don't miss this phenomenal place built on the foundations of Incan structures and let us take the hassle out of a tour for you. While away time in the the relaxing atmosphere of Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, explore the Incan ruins at Qurikancha, visit the Museo Inka for all things Incan or wander through the complex at Tipón, just 30km out of the city.

    Located a short drive from Cusco is the Sacred Valley, home to several significant archeological sites, including Moray (3,176m/10,419ft) which houses enormous circular and pre-Incan semi-circular agricultural terraces that were constructed with the intention of being used as a botanical laboratory to carry out experiments on foreign crop acclimatisation (pictured).

    saline 2481077 1920Salinas de Maras
    Visit the Sacred Valley's Salinas de Maras, the largest salt pans in the region that have been mined continuously all the way back to the Incan Empire. Even today, the salt is hand-harvested by local families during the dry season. Thousands of individual salt pools are terraced on a hillside, surrounded by views of the snow-capped Urubamba mountain range. The nearby village of Chinchero is also worth a visit, where the townspeople are famed for their preservation of traditional Andean spinning and weaving techniques.

    ecuador 298395 1920Quito (Ecuador)
    Warm and relaxed, the 'Old Town' of Quito is a Unesco World Heritage Site, whose colonial monuments are well worth a visit if you have extra time in the city.

    Otavalo Market

    No trip to Ecuador is complete without experiencing South America's largest indigenous market at Otavalo. Located a two-hour drive from Ecuador's capital, Quito, the Otavalo market is humming with activity and is the perfect opportunity to purchase local handicrafts and souvenirs.

    PeruTiff July 09 563Saquisilí Market
    Each Thursday, two hours south of Quito, the town of Saquisilí is overtaken by one of the most authentic markets in Ecuador. Hundreds of indigenous traders from surrounding mountain villages arrive to peddle their wares, which range from handicrafts to livestock and pots and pans. A visit to the market is an assualt on the senses and an opportunity to find some beautiful local crafts and taste the local cuisine. 

    South America's cities have much to offer for your extra days on the continent, please enquire with our office if interested in exploring any of these options.

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