Wherever you are based, we have climbing schools in Europe, North America and New Zealand,  to help you learn to climb mountains and improve your climbing skills. Time spent with our mountain guides can prepare you for an expedition or help to set you up for your own future climbing journeys.

New Zealand Mountaineering Courses

As well as offering expeditions to climb the high peaks of the world we offer Mountaineering Instruction Courses and Guided Ascents in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, our 'backyard'.

The New Zealand alpine environment ensures a realistic entry into mountaineering, and demands a sound skill base for a safe and enjoyable climbing career. We can impart these skills, along with an approach to climbing in the mountains that only experienced mountain guides can do. Rugged, challenging terrain accentuated by widespread glaciation is why the Southern Alps are recognised as an ideal preparation site for climbing in any mountain region of the world. Ascents of New Zealand's famous peaks are also coveted as highlights in any climbers career.

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Dates: November to April annually

Departure: ex Wanaka, New Zealand

Europe Climbing School

Throughout the European Alps we operate mountaineering courses and guided ascents. We have a team of talented IFMGA mountain guide professionals who are based in Chamonix, France. The Alps are abuzz with climbing and skiing activity throughout the year and are the perfect arena to start off on your first climbing days, with a plethora of exciting climbs to aim for as your confidence and skill increase. Our tailor made courses are accessible for all levels and offer a progression through various French, Swiss and Italian venues onto ascents of Mont Blanc itself. Being part of the long history of climbing in the Alps is always exciting and one of the best places to experience the culture of climbing and learn to climb yourself.

Dates: June to September annually

Departure: ex Chamonix, France and Zermatt, Switzerland


North American Climbing School - Alpinism 1 & 2

An ideal introduction to alpine mountaineering, this course Alpinism 1 - an Introduction to Mountaineering is conducted largely above timberline in the high country of North Cascades National Park and Mt. Baker National Forest in Washington State. One day is spent at an easily accessible rock climbing area, and five days are spent on the glaciers of Mount Baker. The emphasis is on skills development and practice climbing, and the program concludes with an ascent of beautiful 10,778-foot Mount Baker. This course is a great way to build a solid base of mountaineering skills and prepare for an international expedition.

A second course to build on your experience is Alpinism 2 - Intemediate. Based around a series of ascents of American mountaineering classics, this program is the perfect follow-up for climbers who have completed Alpinism 1 - Intro to Mountaineering. It includes three days on alpine rock and three on glacier routes.

Dates: offered every week May to October

Departure: Mount Baker in the North Cascades, Washington, USA

Price: US$1160 for Alpinism 1 (Intro to Mountaineering) and US$1190 for Alpinism 2 (Intermediate)

Duration: 6 days

Alaska Mountaineering and Denali Prep

This is a scenic, action packed seven-day program that provides complete training in all the skills of snow and ice climbing used in alpine and expedition mountaineering. While developing a solid and complete set of alpine climbing skills, you will also learn glacier travel and crevasse rescue techniques, gain experience with expedition procedures, and apply methods for route finding and hazard assessment. In the April and May programs we use skis for ease of movement on the glacier, and anyone with basic ski skills will feel at home on this easy terrain. At the end of May and in June, we use snowshoes. At the end of the program, you should be technically qualified to make intermediate level ascents in any of the world’s glaciated ranges and to join us on a Denali expedition.

Dates: April to June annually    

Departure: Anchorage, Alaska, USA.   

Price: US$1850

Duration: 7 days

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