South Pole - All the Way


Level of Experience Required

The South Pole All the Way expedition is for the most dedicated of polar travellers.   You need significant skiing and cold weather camping experience, along with a very high degree of fitness.  Typically candidates will have participated in cold weather ski expeditions of some length such as North Pole or South Pole Last Degree expeditions or the Greenland Crossing. 

A high degree of discipline and diligence must be maintained throughout the expedition, skiing for 8-10 hours per day for 50-60 days in a row, with team members helping to set up camp and prepare meals.  Rigorous daily training must be undertaken for 3-6 months prior to the expedition start.

We require all participants to submit a resume of their ski expedition experience so that we can make appropriate suggestions for further training and ensure you get the most out of your expedition.


The effective temperature is defined by the strength of the wind and we are battling against the catabatic winds descending from the polar plateau. Temperatures will be in the range of – 40 degrees C and F to 0 degrees C (32 degrees F). The temperatures will rise during the season but it is near the end of the expedition when we gain higher altitudes near the pole that we will have the colder temperatures. Ultimately a lot will depend on the season and the general weather patterns. Weather analysis will be provided by experts in Polar meteorology, which will assist us in being forewarned of major weather systems.

Clothing & Equipment

For most of the trek members need only be clad in fleece clothing with windproof shells. Warm expedition mittens and hats will be necessary in addition to a facemask and fur ruff around the jacket hood to keep wind and blowing snow at bay. Lightweight down clothing will help members endure the cold starts and be additional warmth (if needed) in the sleeping bag.

We will supply all of the team equipment and you will only need your personal equipment. We supply sleds, tents, stoves, pots, food and fuel, ropes and sled harnesses, GPS and communication equipment.

You will need to supply all your own clothing, sleeping gear and ski equipment. If you wish we can assist with the purchase of equipment and clothing suitable to the expedition.

A full equipment list will be sent to you on confirmation of booking.


We intend to carry the latest in satellite communication equipment facilitating good contact with the outside world. This also improves safety in that we have instant communications with ANI in the unlikely event an evacuation is required. It is possible for you to utilize our equipment or you may bring your own but we request you confirm with us to establish power requirements can be met.

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