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What our clients have to say...

About the overall experience

 Dominika Dillier Degelo at the South Summit after reaching the top of Mt Everest, seen in the background, May 13, 2011  © Ang Dorjee Sherpa
Everest 2011 Dominika summit
© Ang Dorjee Sherpa

Dominika Dillier Degelo at the South Summit after reaching the top of Mt Everest, seen in the background, May 13, 2011

16 May 2011


“Would simply say to other climbers if they want the best possible experience go with Adventure Consultants. I can honestly say I think about the whole Everest experience every day of my life and reminisce what an incredible trip it was and how lucky I was to share it with such wonderful people. As Guy says, keep doing it AC style.”
Dominika Degelo (Switzerland), Everest Expedition 2011

Aconcagua Team Jan 12
03 February 2012


“Except for getting us to the summit in a splendid way, the most important thing for me was the way I learned to live in the moment.  I will carry that with me for a long time. I learned so much about life and about myself, it went far beyond just reaching the summit.  I am very grateful to our guides for that!”
Mattias Larsson (Sweden), Aconcagua Expedition

 Carol McAlwee achieves a lifelong dream as a member of Adventure Consultants 2011 Ski The Last Degree Expedition Team.

Ski the Last Degree Jan 2012 Carol McAlwee

Carol McAlwee achieves a lifelong dream as a member of Adventure Consultants 2011 Ski The Last Degree Expedition Team.

11 July 2013


“I have had this dream since I was 13, and it is only with your help that I have been able to achieve it. Adventure Consultants is a company, a business, but it is something that also goes well beyond that and I thank you immensely for helping me with my dream.”
Carol McAlwee (Australia), Antarctic Ski the Last Degree Expedition

 Approaching the summit of Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso

Approaching the summit of Gran Paradiso

11 July 2013


“Just got back today. The overall trip was brilliant, I feel like I’ve been away from the desk for three months not three weeks!”
Heidi Frisch (Australia), Mont Blanc Course and Ascent

 Ashley Alder's 50th birthday climbing in Chamonix, 2009  © Paolo Pieroni


“What I got was far superior to the normal experience with local guides (on many levels)… superb guides who will teach in an environment with reliable weather, a massive variety of routes, and push you fairly hard but also stick within an acceptable margin of safety.”
Ashley Alder (Hong Kong), Private Trip European Alps

 Kala Flags Everest Base Camp - Photo Amy Alberts  © Amy Alberts


“The Everest Base Camp trek was a lifelong dream for me.  However, just because one has decided to pursue a life’s dream doesn’t mean one will return home with a trip of a lifetime.  You were indispensable in me being able to handle the day-today challenges of the trek.  For this I am forever grateful.”
Amy Alberts (USA), Everest Base Camp Trek

 Dean Staples from Lake Hawea guiding for Adventure Consultants and Paul Hameister from Melbourne on the summit of Mt Everest, 11 May 2011, 8.45am Nepal time. Dean's 7th Everest summit. 
   © Dean Staples


“Maximisation of chance to get to the top would be the main reason I would recommend Adventure Consultants. Small group numbers, the max oxygen option and flexibility. Detailed dispatches were greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and never once felt fear or apprehension. Looking forward to climbing with AC again.”
Paul Hameister (Australia), Everest Expedition


"I wanted to let you know the fantastic experience I had whilst on the Ice Climbing Course 20th- 24th July 2015 Wye Creek, Queenstown N.Z. A very challenging course for me being new to ice climbing, but I would have been disappointed had the course been any easier. Professionally run operation by A.C. down to finer details of meals and pre course arrangements by administration staff. A special thanks to Dean Staples course guide, incredible talent and skills.

Warren Symons (New Zealand), Ice Climbing Course



"This was a life changing experience for me. Not only did I not know I could do some of these things, actually, I did not know such things existed. Crampons and carabinars are now part of my vocab and I am the proud owner of my own Ice Axe."
Shelley Jackson, Telethon Adventurers (Australia), Chamonix Challenge

About the AC team

 Vinson Expedition Team headed to summit - Jan 2012

Vinson Massif Trip #4 Jan 2012

Vinson Expedition Team headed to summit - Jan 2012

11 July 2013


“When I decided four years ago to complete the Seven Summits, I wanted to try a different guide company for all of my climbs until I found one that I was comfortable with, had the experience on all the summits and met all my expectations. After using three other companies, I am now in the process of planning my third climb with Adventure Consultants.”
Stephen Wilson (Canada), Vinson Massif Expedition

 © Andrew Wexler
Mont Blanc 21 - Summit
© Andrew Wexler
30 April 2014


"AC provided a great experience, which I would not hesitate in recommending to friends.  Based on my experience, AC's reputation as a premium guiding company is consistent with the high level of service they provide."

John Riley (Australia), Mont Blanc Ascent 2016


 Dale and Zoe West with their guide at Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp Trek Dale and Zoe West

Dale and Zoe West with their guide at Everest Base Camp.

11 July 2013


"The support from AC prior to the trip was 110%...which is mathematically impossible, but behaviourally explainable..."
Dale West (Australia), Everest Base Camp Trek 2013

 Summit shot of Elbrus team - Trip 1 2013

Elbrus 1 Summit Day - Team at Summit

Summit shot of Elbrus team - Trip 1 2013

06 November 2013
06 August 2013


"I have travelled with three other providers on big expeditions over the last couple of years, guys have the best pre trip customer service of them all!  Can't wait to hit the mountain. "
Selina Dicker (UK), Elbrus Expedition


 Dominic Warland and Mattias on Alpamayo July 2011

Alpamayo 2011 Mattias and Dominic Warland

Dominic Warland and Mattias on Alpamayo July 2011

11 July 2013


“Prior to the expedition, all questions however small were answered promptly and communication was always easy, I think this is a strength of AC."
Dominic Warland (Australia), Alpamayo Expedition

 Elbrus 2012 Team #1 at Summit


Adventure Consultants provide a no fuss no worry service from the first enquiry to the expedition follow up.”
Ginny Cross (Australia), Elbrus

 Adventure Consultants Cho Oyu 2011 - Our first acclimatisation summit, hiking to the chorten above the monastery at 4100m, in the Tibetan town of Shigatse.  © Victor Saunders

Cho Oyu 2011 above Shigatse
© Victor Saunders

Adventure Consultants Cho Oyu 2011 - Our first acclimatisation summit, hiking to the chorten above the monastery at 4100m, in the Tibetan town of Shigatse.

11 July 2013


“My fourth trip with AC and this was the best yet. The extra cost up front is an investment repaid by quality people, logistics, facilities, food, experience, program and process. If you ever hear I have gone with someone else... it is not me.”
Dale West (Australia), Cho Oyu

 Mera Peak 2012 Expedition Team at Summi

Mera Peak 2012 Summit

Mera Peak 2012 Expedition Team at Summi

11 July 2013


“I would certainly recommend AC… competent, experienced staff, terrific personalities aware of dangers and helpful to all. The best organisation I have dealt get what you pay for.”
Dianne Walker (Australia), Mera Peak

 Pioneer Pass and Mt Tasman, photo taken by AC client Belinda Reynolds.  © Belinda Reynolds


“The trip met and exceeded expectations. I chose AC because of wonderful past experience and your level of experience in differing tours/expeditions.  Thanks for a fantastic experience!”
Belinda Reynolds (Australia/New Zealand), Guided Backcountry Ski Tour

 Mustang Team 2009


“Great trek amongst spectacular scenery with good weather throughout. The crew was very good and very easy to spend two weeks with.  The Sherpa kept a good look out for Katie on exposed paths!”
Ashley Alder (UK/Hong Kong), Mustang Horse Trek

About our guides

Stunning views


“The overall leadership was excellent and got better when we got to the business end - on the mountain, our guide’s management of the group and the Sherpas was nothing short of excellent.”
David Pinches (Australia), Ama Dablam Expedition

 © Mark Sedon

Vinson summit 10 Dec 2010
© Mark Sedon
14 December 2010


“Good guides understand that part of the payoff is the opportunity to help create one of life’s most powerful experiences for someone they’ve just met. I salute the Guides of Adventure Consultants, who do just that every time they lead an expedition.”
Dave Mauro (USA), Vinson Massif Expedition

 Practising ice climbing skills on the Mountaineering Instruction Course


“It was an absolute privilege to have the calibre of instructor that I was provided with. I learned so much in a short period of time and appreciated the level of patience and diligence he applied to safety and building my confidence.”
Jane Weatherley (Australia), Mountaineering Instruction Course

 The NHK FIlm crew on the summit of Mt Aspiring, 11 Feb 2010  © Jeremiah Fisk


“Adventure Consultants has a unique story associated with legendary NZ climbers and it was nice to be a small part of that story.”
Richard Young (New Zealand), Mt Aspiring Course and Ascent

 Mt Aspiring-Tititea, 3033m, the 'Matterhorn of the South'  © Guy Cotter


“The overall operation and guides were simply excellent, very professional and dependable.  I would recommend AC and their guides to my friends.”
Mousumi Bhat (Singapore), Guided Ascent Mt Aspiring

About the food & accommodation


"Facilities were great.  For the climb everything was perfect and we were so appreciative for the portable toilet!!!  The food was soooo good!  All our guides were wonderful, they must be the best!  We would absolutely recommend Adventure Consultants to other climbers."
Bird Family (Canada), Kilimanjaro Expedition

 Alpamayo 2011 Expedition Team  © Matias Prieto


"The food was consistently outstanding!  The only problem was maybe that we had too much! I had a fantastic trip.”
Dominic Warland (Australia), Alpamayo Expedition

 The first summit for the AC Cho Oyu 2011 group.  © Felix Landman


Not often does the food pick up when you leave a hotel and move into tents!
Dale West (Australia), Cho Oyu Expedition

 Mera Peak 2012 Expedition Team at Summi


"Tents were terrific, very roomy for 2 and withstood winds at High Camp.  Food terrific so much choice it was really amazing.  Amazing camp sites and some nice lodges in which we ate meals. "
Dianne Walker (Australia), Mera Peak

 Everest Base Camp Trek #1 2014 - Team at Base Camp


"Base Camp was amazing!!  I loved the food, facilities and all the wonderful people who served us while we were there – the food was wonderful – it couldn’t be improved on in any way shape or form and will always be a magical and memorable 2 days in my life.  Thank you so much to everyone who was there.  The early morning towel and the cuppa were a true delight."
Theresa Martinovich (New Zealand), Everest Base Camp Trek

 Caroline and Joe Rudolph at Stella Point, Mount Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro 2016 Joe and Caroline Rudolph Stella Point

Caroline and Joe Rudolph at Stella Point, Mount Kilimanjaro

20 October 2016
20 October 2016

"All excellent!! We both remarked how well the meals were on the mountain, it really is astonishing how excellently the meals were prepared even at high altitude! The meals at the lodges and safari camps we stayed at were all excellent as well. We did not have a bad meal the entire time we were there!"

Caroline Rudolph (USA), Kilimanjaro Expedition and Safari