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New Zealand Treks

At Adventure Consultants we offer private trekking for small groups in the majestic Southern Alps of New Zealand. We primarily offer trips that involve alpine terrain - climbing easy peaks or crossing a high pass such as Gillespie Pass, near Mt Aspiring.

You are guided by a qualified alpine guide and you can choose between a range of trips to suit your current experience level.

Each trek is organised for a private group - which can be as small as one person, however this increases the cost - you nominate your dates and we organise the trek around your itinerary.

Some of the more popular New Zealand treks include:

Brewster Hut
12 December 2014


Brewster Glacier is located on the Main Divide near the Haast Pass. A fairly short climb through the bush takes you up on to the alpine tussock tops and the stunningly situated Brewster Hut. It is generally possible to walk on the Brewster glacier or climb a small peak nearby.

  • Dates:

Nov to April

  • Duration:

2 Days

  • Departure:

ex Wanaka, NZ

  • Prices: (per person)

1:1 NZ$1480

1:2 NZ$890

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Trekking in Wilkin Valley
20 April 2015


The spectacular Gillespie Pass connects the Young Valley with the Siberia and Wilkin Valleys. This is a popular route with trampers as there are established huts and such luxuries as a jet boat ride available to short cut the final days walking down the Wilkin Valley.

  • Dates:


Nov to Apr

  • Duration:

3 Days

  • Departure:

ex Wanaka, NZ

  • Ratio:

2 people, 1 guide

  • Prices:

NZ$1250 per person


Alpine Adventure Mt French
07 July 2014


This exciting trip features travelling on glaciers, camping in tents and climbing your first mountain! The journey begins when we fly by helicopter into the mountains. We then trace a route over the glaciers and climb a small peak near the Main Divide.

  • Dates:


Nov to Apr

  • Duration:

4 Days

  • Departure:

ex Wanaka, NZ

  • Prices:
    (per person)



1:1  NZ$4100
1:2  NZ$2350
1:3  NZ$1950
1:4  NZ$1650

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Why AC?

Success with the highest margin of care is always a hallmark of our approach; promoting the realisation that even extreme pursuits such as high altitude mountaineering can be undertaken safely.

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“AC provided a great experience, which I would not hesitate in recommending to friends.  Based on my experience, AC's reputation as a premium guiding company is consistent with the high level of service they provide."

John Riley (Australia), 2016

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