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New Zealand Climbing School

 Mountaineering Instruction Course   

At Adventure Consultants we thrive on introducing you to the skills we have developed in our own climbing careers to make your future endeavors both enjoyable and safe. We will share with you our technical and strategic know-how so you too can enjoy the same success in your own mountaineering aspirations.

We have taken climbers on the path from their first steps on ice to summiting on peaks such as Ama Dablam in the Himalaya and higher.

The best months to join our summer courses are from November to April annually, when weather and route conditions are more suited for alpine climbing in New Zealand. In winter we can still climb though, and you'll experience some of the best ice routes on offer on our Ice Climbing Course. We also offer backcountry ski and snowboard courses.

A note about training on lower altitude peaks - if your focus is on joining one of our expeditions in the future, we recommend training in lower altitude mountain ranges such as the Southern Alps of New Zealand where there are many peaks of around only 3000m in height, but similar in ruggedness and valley to summit altitude gains as the higher peaks of the Himalaya. This allows you to concentrate on the technical skills required for successful alpine climbing.  We find that without the hassles of altitude slowing you down you are able to get ahead so much more quickly and you can concentrate on your altitude training further down the line.

Irrespective of where you would like to take your climbing career, our courses will provide you with the essential mountaineering skills and a greater confidence in the judgment and decision making aspects of operating in the alpine environment.

Our courses cover some or all of the following topics depending on how long the course is:

  • Trip planning


  • Route selection and navigation
  • Environmental considerations


  • Weather analysis and forecasting
  • Snow and ice climbing


  • Avalanche awareness
  • Belaying and rope skills


  • Camp management
  • Glacier travel techniques


  • Crevasse and alpine rescue
  • Alpine rock climbing


  • Emergency shelters

Comprehensive course notes will be issued to course participants which detail the format and itinerary of the course as well as topics to be covered, the venue, contacts, recommended reading, maps, equipment purchase advice, rental options and a whole lot more.

To view our guided ascents in New Zealand's Southern Alps, click here.

Why AC?

As an IFMGA Guide since 1991, AC CEO, Guy Cotter recognises the need for people to learn about ‘climbing’, and not just being taught the technical skills in isolation. This is not an easy task and requires experienced and highly skilled guides with good instructional skills to achieve. The guides at AC are recognised as amongst the best in the industry with the ability to help you get the most from your time.

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"I chose Adventure Consultants because it is a respected and well-established company that  offers a wide array of climbing experiences based on skill level and personal initiative."

"Our guide was excellent. His attention to safety while maintaining a fun learning environment was greatly appreciated."   Zoye Geekie (Canada)

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Sherpa Future Fund

If you would like to support the victims and affected families of the Everest Base Camp Avalanche, please consider contributing to the Adventure Consultants Sherpa Future Fund. 
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