Our Base Camp equipment and ample, nutritious meals are always the envy of other groups on the mountain!

AC imports western food for our Nepal based expeditions and we supplement this with fresh and dried Nepalese products. Our expeditions are renowned for the quality of the food and the expertise of the cooks. We specially train our Cooks at specialist cooking skills and you will be amazed at what great food they produce from their expedition kitchen. We bring a variety of foods and snack foods to cater to most tastes however we recommend you bring a small selection of your favourite snack food / treat for the trekking days or high on the mountain and some GU / Powergels for the big days.


Expedition members will be sent a list detailing all necessary clothing and equipment to be individually provided.


Like most mountains, Manalsu has its hazards. These include crevasses, icefall danger, falls where there is no fixed rope and avalanches. There are dangers associated with altitude that we will manage by a sensible acclimatisation program with the support of medications and specialised equipment for treatment of altitude related issues.

Avalanche hazard on Manaslu is addressed by the avoidance of prone slopes and camp sites after heavy snowfalls. Adventure Consultants take a conservative approach to these hazards and wait for snow to settle or the completion of avalanche cycles. This generally leads to better climbing conditions anyway and patience in these situations usually provides rewards and increases safety margins significantly.

We will fix ropes on the mountain to safeguard members on steep terrain and where fixed ropes will ensure positive route finding on descent. Other teams arrive thinking they do not need fixed ropes and end up using the ropes we have placed.  The fixed ropes provide the lifeline they need and hadn't planned for in advance. Under-resourced expeditions are common on the 8000m peaks and people buy into them as a way to reduce cost.  This is a false economy when they find they cannot summit due to lack of support, or even worse, do not have back-up or safety systems when it is most crucial.

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Sherpa Future Fund

If you would like to support the victims and affected families of the Everest Base Camp Avalanche, please consider contributing to the Adventure Consultants Sherpa Future Fund. 
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