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Climbers have long been attracted to the highest point in Africa (and highest freestanding mountain in the world) - Uhuru Peak on Kilimanjaro - which is perhaps one of the best known mountains of the world.

The Adventure Consultants Kilimanjaro 2015 Expedition runs from January 15 - 24, 2015 

We will be posting regular updates from all of the team on this page. Bookmark this page and follow along!

Kilimanjaro 2015 Team Members:
Expedition Leader: Adventure Consultants CEO Guy Cotter, New Zealand
Expedition members: Tze Boon Ong, Ben Phee, Ian Teo, Elizabeth Tan, Yu Phing Ong, Chris Chen, Tan Ee Ching, Kelvin Wong, Sophia Leng Ang, Jack Lim, Meng Choon Tan, Peng Yee Tan

You can also check the team's position on the Kilimanjaro TrekTraka page.


The whole team summitted Kilimanjaro today!  They began their climb at midnight and climbed under clear skies and in cool temperatures to reach Stella Point at 7am.  


Everyone is now glad to be back at lower altitude at Millennium Camp and looking forward to the last day's trek out to the park gate tomorrow.


Congratulations to all!

Climbing high on Kilimanjaro

At Stella Point

The might of Kilimanjaro
  21 January, 2015
Climbing higher

19 January, 2015
Barranco Camp

18 January, 2015
To Shira Camp

17 January, 2015
Trek underway

8 January, 2015
Starting Soon


Yesterday we climbed to Karanga Camp and enjoyed a good climb of the Barranco Wall which was a challenge for everyone, trekkers and porters alike.  However we reached the top after a couple of hours and then arrived into camp with everyone doing well.  The rain we had experienced through the day continued intermittently through the night, but we woke to a clear dawn and some snow on the top of the mountain!


Today we will move up to Barafu Camp where we will rest until midnight and then begin our summit attempt!


All the team are doing well and excited about the climb ahead.



The team at the top of the Barranco Wall


Everyone is doing ok even after a rainy day and altitude record for most. We celebrated Jacks 55th birthday last night with a special birthday song and dance performed by our fabulous porter staff. Everyone is extremely impressed with the food, the luxury tents and beds, the showers and private toilets in addition to the friendly and professional staff. Tomorrow we ascend the Barranco Wall on the way to Karanga Camp.


This is Guy signing out for the AC Singaporean Kili team

On arrival into Barranco camp


The team left Machame camp at 8.30am and enjoyed fine weather for their trek up to Shira Camp, where they arrived at 3pm.  A little afternoon cloud then came in which was quite nice to cool things off for a while.


The group are doing well and plan to climb up the Lava Tower to Barranco Camp tomorrow.



The Singapore Adventure Consultants Kilimanjaro expedition left Arusha for the Machame gate early this morning and hit the trail at 11.45am.  They enjoyed a great stroll through the rainforest to Machame Camp at 3000m and had views of the summit of Uhuru peak throughout the day. 


The team are now resting up in camp following a great dinner and plan to climb to Shira Camp (3800m) tomorrow.


The team are all doing well and there has been some hilarity and even some dancing on the trek as Boon has a small musical speaker which plays his favourite tunes along the trail!

Kilimanjaro from above on the flight into Kilimanjaro airport


Stay tuned as the Kilimanjaro Expedition is due to start soon. 

AC Office

AC Image of Kilimanjaro