19,340ft / 5,895m

The highest point in Africa, Kilimanjaro, is perhaps one of the best known mountains of the world. It is the easiest of the Seven Summits and definitely the most romantic! Adventure Consultants offer a variety of exciting ways to climb Kilimanjaro to satisfy your preferred approach:

• You can elect to join one of our scheduled Kilimanjaro trips that operate throughout the year that are priced to be very affordable and run by our personable and experienced local Kilimanjaro guides.

• Should you have a group of 4 people or more you can select your own dates and have your own Private Kilimanjaro expedition for just you and your friends!

• Or, you can treat yourself to a Luxury Kilimanjaro Climb that will be led by our seasoned Himalayan guides and includes the highest standard of meals, accommodations and services you will ever find on a mountain.

Kilimanjaro is like an island, standing tall and sentinel surrounded by the hot, dry plains of Africa. It amazes all with its widely contrasting vegetation; from tropical rainforest to high arid moorlands, watched over by towering cliffs and glaciers. Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

Climbers have long been attracted to the highest point in Africa - Uhuru Peak on Kilimanjaro - which can be reached by several easy to moderate routes.  We climb the Machame Route. This route winds around the “skirt” of the mountain, slowly gaining altitude and giving us glimpses of the entire south side of this majestic peak. The Machame route features a bountiful array of amazing plant life and geographical intrigue, every day is different from the last and visually stunning!

The climb initiates at the Machame village on Kilimanjaro’s southern flanks leading up through thick tropical forest to more exotic and unique flora as elevation is gained. We overnight in designated camp sites where our cooks provide sumptuous meals in a private dining tent and you overnight in modern mountain tents. At the end of the second day the route ascends above the tree line where you are transported into a wild volcanic landscape with the high summit dome overhead.  The subsequent camps have panoramic views and feature brightly coloured skies at dawn and dusk.

This expedition features a smorgasbord of African culture and scenery, providing a fabulous excuse to visit this wild continent. Any visit to Africa must include a Safari and our 4 day/3 night Safari tour takes in some of the world’s most unique game reserves such as the Tarangere, Serengeti and Norongoro National Parks. We can very confidently say that our Kilimanjaro expedition options, are to the best of our knowledge, the very best on offer.

• Africa's highest peak and one of the Seven Summits
• Qualified Kilimanjaro guides
• Brilliant adventure at moderate altitude
• Excellent food, featuring locally grown organic foods
• Comfortable camps with our own private toilets

Track the progress of our January 2014 expedition.

Follow our September 2012 Kilimanjaro climbers as they climb to raise money for the Mt Sinai Hospital Foundation.
Watch the film of their ascent at https://vimeo.com/50415870

Please click below to preview the trip notes for our Kilimanjaro 2014 Scheduled Expeditions and Safaris or our Private Luxury Expeditions online or download a pdf:

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