Greenland Crossing





Meet in Reykjavik, Iceland




Gear preparation




Fly Reykjavik to Kulusuk, Greenland
Transfer to Tasiilaq




Preparations in Tasiilaq




Helicopter flight Tasiilaq to ice cap at approximately 1000m
Begin the trek




Trek crossing days




Descend ice cap and transport to Sondre Stromfjord




Depart Sondre Stromfjord for flight to Reykjavik or home




Contingency day for flight delays




Depart Reykjavik for home


There will be time to explore and shop for last minute items when you are in Reykjavik.  Reykjavik, with its neighboring communities, has a population of around 180,000 and offers an interesting mix of cosmopolitan culture and local village roots. To get the most out of your time in the central city, pick up a City Walks Map, this will help guide you between the sculptures and artwork, parks and hidden gardens as well as historic sites and landmarks. City Walks maps are available at the Tourist Information Centre on Adalstræti.

Iceland offers many activities for the visitor including a visit to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland’s world famous spa in which you can sit back and enjoy the geothermal wonders while giving your body a soak in the restoring waters.



The two-hour flight to Kulusuk from Reykjavík will be in a Fokker Friendship 50 seater or a Twin Otter airplane.  When we arrive there we will take a short helicopter flight (or boat) directly to Tasiilaq, the principal town on the East Coast of Greenland. Tasiilaq is on Ammassalik Island and we plan to stay here for two nights.  From Tasiilaq we will charter a helicopter to the start of our crossing either directly onto the Hahn Glacier or to the small village of Isertoq.

Ammassalik - Tasiilaq

Tasiilaq is the largest town in East Greenland with a population of around 1700. The town is beautifully situated in a fjord surrounded by high mountains. Tasiilaq (meaning ‘like a still lake’) is a town divided in two by a small river which flows down through Narsuuliartarpiip, the Flower Valley behind the town.  The unique Arctic flora in the Flower Valley makes this a great place for a short hike.

Characteristic of Tasiilaq, like other Greenlandic towns, are the small, brightly painted houses.  In the case of delays, there is plenty to see.  Check out the Ammassalik Museum, housed in the town’s first church high above the harbour; take a stroll through town or visit the Tourist Office near the ferry landing for other options and further information.

Enjoy your time in Tasiilaq, as it is our last taste of civilization and from here we will load our gear into the helicopter to fly up to the glacier. 


Please keep in mind that if there are more than four nights’ stays required in Kulusuk or Sondre Stromfjord at the end of the trek, due to bad weather, then you will need you to pay the hotel direct for the extra nights. Please bring some extra funds to Greenland in case this eventuates.


Each day following breakfast, we will pack our camp into the sleds and ski for 6-8 hours a day. Regular stops will be made en route for food and rehydration.  At the completion of each day’s journey, the team will assemble tents and cook dinner.  

We anticipate that the crossing will take 22 to 30 days, travelling a distance of approximately 18-20km each day ranging from 6 to 8 active hours a day.  

It will take around 10-16 days to climb from the Hahn Glacier up to the highest part of the Greenland ice sheet at 2500 metres.  From there, it will take around a week to get to the phantom radar station DEY-2, and then approximately 5-6 days to reach land at Hill 660 at the western edge of the ice sheet. If weather and snow conditions are good and the team is strong and fit it is possible that the crossing will be completed a few days early.




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