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On all of our international expeditions, there is a requirement for each expedition member to have insurance to cover any personal or medical mishaps that may occur before or during the expedition.  This should cover you for any costs incurred in the event of any illness, medical emergency or evacuation that occurs while on expedition as well as trip cancellation, baggage loss, damage or theft, or any other such mishap that may occur.

Given the vagaries of expedition insurance and the remote locations that you will be travelling to, we cannot highly recommend enough that you take the time to read and understand the policy wording, prior to purchase and so that you are fully aware of what cover you have. 

The cover available is all dependent on your home country in which you reside, but we require you to have cover for medical evacuation and repatriation while climbing, as well as cover for trip cancellation (in the event of an injury or mishap prior to your trip start date), delayed flights and lost luggage. For some team members, they will have the option of buying one policy that will cover all of the requirements and for others, two policies may need to be purchased which will cover all of these eventualities or in some instances, a climber may choose to self-insure for part of the expedition.

Upon sign up, you will be provided additional information on the best options that are currently available and how to purchase this specific cover.

Cover can be broken down into the following categories:

Evacuation & Medical Insurance

Evacuation insurance is required for members of our treks and expeditions to cover your evacuation from the mountain in the case of injury or illness.  You must ensure that your policy covers you for mountaineering to the appropriate altitude as many policies exclude these activities from their schedule of benefits. 

Some policies will also cover your medical expenses until you return to your home country.

Evacuation and medical costs can be substantial so ensure your policy has a high level of cover – usually unlimited medical cover and up to US$500,000 for medical evacuation.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

We recommend purchase of trip cancellation insurance for all of our expedition and trek members.  This is best purchased when you sign up for your expedition,  or at the very least when you pay for your flights (and the balance payment) for the trip. It is very important to buy trip cancellation insurance (in addition to your evacuation and comprehensive travel insurance) as it is not unknown for people to have unforeseen circumstances that force them to cancel their trips for reasons such as family illness, injury to self, business issues, etc.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance

This policy would include cover for trip interruption, baggage loss, damage or theft, delayed flights or other such incidents that may occur during your trip.

For details on recommended Rescue and Travel Insurance providers please see our Rescue and Travel Insurance page.

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