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Expedition Filming Services

This is an exciting program which suits sponsorship arrangements. Our cameraman can film your entire expedition from beginning to end in a variety of mediums (film / photo / digital video) and can even send live video clips or digital photos throughout the climbing day!

Effectively this means that you or your sponsor can have daily webcasts to really keep your website vital and interesting during the expedition. This daily activity has so much more appeal to sponsors than the mountaineering expeditions of old where you could only report on the expedition, after the fact, through lectures and books. Now the expedition can be followed from beginning to end.

The costs for this service depend on the type of coverage you want and the medium (film / digital etc). Email us for more details.


Expedition camerman Hamish Emerson on location © Guy Cotter
Expedition cameraman Hamish Emerson on location
© Guy Cotter

Photo Gallery

 Views galore on the trek into the Karakoram ranges of Pakistan  © Guy Cotter