• Difficulty: 3 Scrambling on low angled terrain of a low technical nature, on snow or rock. Ropes may occasionally be used. Climbers do not need previous experience but do need an ability to move over rough ground. Short steep sections that will require a rope. Basic snow/ice/rock climbing. We recommend that climbers are familiar with ice axe and crampon techniques and/or basic rock climbing techniques although this can often be taught during the trip. Steep terrain that requires moderate level climbing skills on snow/ice/rock. Emphasis on good cramponing skills. Will need experience with rope techniques including rappelling/abseiling and snow camping techniques. Extensive steep terrain. Climber to be capable of following multi pitch climbs and have rope management skills, belay techniques, climbing calls, rappelling/abseiling skills and alpine bivouac and snow camping techniques. Extreme terrain. Climber will have extensive experience on rock or ice and a complete understanding of anchors and protection techniques and a high degree of comfort following longer difficult sections of ice and/or rock in alpine gear with a pack.

    Fitness: D A level of fitness sufficient to carry a light pack (10kg/22lb) and be capable of moving for several hours at a stretch with short stops every hour. Training would include regular walking on hills and gym work to develop strength: light running, swimming and biking. Defined as one who exercises regularly although not necessarily to a really high level, capable of carrying a pack weighing 18kg/40lb for several hours. Regular cardiovascular exercise (3-4 times a week gym/bike/stairs) and include pack carrying on rough ground once a week. A high standard of fitness. Capable of climbing with a heavy pack (25kg/55lb) for extended periods in mountain conditions. High level of training specific to climbing that would include heavy pack carrying over rough terrain and other preparation such as regular gym/pool/bike training. Excellent level of fitness from participants who would have an ongoing commitment to training and maintaining fitness specific to climbing. Expect long days in extreme conditions. Preparation would include heavy pack carrying, specific conditioning through rock and/or ice climbing and habitual cardio vascular exercise.


    63 Days


    8,850m / 29,035ft

 Adventure Consultants Everest 2012 Team makes their way to the summit
Everest 2012 Team making way to summit

Adventure Consultants Everest 2012 Team makes their way to the summit

03 July 2013
  • Climb with the pioneers of Everest expedition guiding
  • 1:1 sherpa to climber ratio on summit day & 1:4 ratio of western guides
  • No other operator offers so much in the way of resources and personnel to help you achieve success!

Mount Everest is still the ultimate mountaineering adventure.  To stand at the pinnacle of the earth is one of life's most rewarding experiences.

As pioneers of guided ascents on Everest, Adventure Consultants is recognised as the premier guiding service with a superb reputation for enabling members of our expeditions to achieve summit aspirations.

An attempt on Everest is a committing undertaking which requires a huge amount of dedication and determination. If you are serious about achieving the top and feel you have the right ingredients and experience, we invite you to apply for a position on our team in 2018, on what will be our twenty-fifth Everest expedition.

Why AC?

We recognise that no amount of finely tuned organisation will guarantee anyone the summit of Mount Everest.  However, we do believe that our experience, combined with your enthusiasm and determination, will provide you with the best possible chance of standing on top of the world.  Our track record on Everest is unmatched with 283 summits to date!

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“Would simply say to other climbers if they want the best possible experience go with Adventure Consultants. I can honestly say I think about the whole Everest experience every day of my life and reminisce what an incredible trip it was and how lucky I was to share it with such wonderful people. As Guy says, keep doing it AC style.”
Dominika Degelo (Switzerland)

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23 May 2017 - Australian businesswoman Leah Jay has reached the summit of Everest in memory of her son who died in 2008 after a battle with Motor Neuron Disease.
23 June 2017 - Sometimes the biggest accomplishments in life happen by chance. For 45-year-old Wendy Gustin, of Golden, it was a bad break in her career that led to her standing atop the world.
24 March 2017 - Veteran Everest blogger Alan Arnette interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter on his recent expository blog article on 'Fixing Everest'.

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