The Expedition Trip Notes provide detailed information and background for the Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition.

You can view the trip notes online by clicking the image or download a pdf by clicking the following link:
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Everest News


23 May 2017 - Australian businesswoman Leah Jay has reached the summit of Everest in memory of her son who died in 2008 after a battle with Motor Neuron Disease.
23 June 2017 - Sometimes the biggest accomplishments in life happen by chance. For 45-year-old Wendy Gustin, of Golden, it was a bad break in her career that led to her standing atop the world.
24 March 2017 - Veteran Everest blogger Alan Arnette interviews AC CEO Guy Cotter on his recent expository blog article on 'Fixing Everest'.

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Sunset on Everest


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