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European Alps Ascents

Many of the most revered climbers on earth cut their teeth in Chamonix, home of our European operations base. The nature of the terrain compels climbers to have high levels of technical prowess, a result of the network of roads and lifts that provide us with convenience of access into the high mountains. This translates into fast access to the mountains for guided ascents and also ensures that when you join one of our European climbing courses, you gain a considerable amount of time in terrain that accelerates your skill development.

Our European-based guides are pre-eminent climbers who share a passion for the mountains and a willingness for you to achieve your goals in an atmosphere of camaraderie and support.

Of special note, our Alps trips are all-inclusive except for services and activities that are additional to the complete package and evening meals when in Chamonix (or other villages). This is unique and we made it this way so you know what the real costs are!

We offer guided ascents of:

 © Andrew Wexler
Elbrus - Sunrise Ascent
© Andrew Wexler
04 July 2014


  • Get a taste of high-mountain adventure on one of the Seven Summits
  • Discover the wonders of St Petersburg and Moscow
  • Experience moderate-altitude mountaineering on non-technical ground

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 © Paolo Pieroni
Mont Blanc from Aiguille de Rochefort
© Paolo Pieroni
03 July 2014


  • Climb the highest peak in the Alps
  • Moderate snow-climbing in spectacular, history-steeped terrain
  • Led by friendly, experienced and qualified guides

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 © Tim Robertson
Eiger Mittellegi Ridge
© Tim Robertson
03 July 2014


  • A formidable peak in a superb setting
  • Long but moderate climbing route
  • A strenuous ascent of a world famous mountain

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Matterhorn Guided Ascent
03 July 2014


  • Classic peak with centuries of history
  • Long but moderate route
  • Cable car access and high-class mountain huts

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Why AC?

Being a technically proficient climber alone is not enough to work with us; our standards demand that trip leaders are great guides as well. You will find your guide friendly, approachable and focused on providing a safe and enjoyable trip in line with your objectives and comfort level.

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“Just got back today. The overall trip was brilliant, I feel like I’ve been away from the desk for three months not three weeks!”
Heidi Frisch (Australia), Mont Blanc Course & Ascent

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