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Archived Dispatches

Our expedition track record

Following is a list of Adventure Consultants expeditions from 1990 to date.  Links to dispatches are available for all those in blue.

Latest News

Everest 2016 - Camp 2 Shuffle

 Dinner at Camp 2 Everest 

1 May - We awoke to the sound of snow sliding off nylon.... 


Lhotse 2016 - Snowy Times

 Snow by our main tent at Camp 2 

1 May - It started snowing this morning at 0400 and has been doing so intermittently since....


Mera Peak 2016 - Kote 3500m

 Mera Peak Jungle Camp Breakfast 

30 Apr - We are at the small village of Kote at approx 3500m after climbing out of the jungle.... 


Private Everest BC Trek 2016 - Windy Pheriche

 4550m above windy Pheriche 

28 Apr - Everyone woke up bright-eyed and ready for action after our first night above 4000m. 


Luxury Everest BC Trek 2016 - Wind at our backs

 A brief windy stop before descending to Pheriche 

28 Apr - A modern feature of daily life in this valley is that helicopters arrive very early in the morning....


Island Peak 2016 - Namche to Deboche

 Namche Walkabout 

1 May - Today was a little up,  a little down, and mostly flat....


Everest Basecamp Trek 2016 - Final Farewell


17 Apr - After last nights dinner, our porter team joined us and we thanked them for...


Carstensz 2016 - Jungle Trek


17 Mar - The Carstensz adventure continues as the team made their journey from Suanggama to Sugapa by motorcycle to...


Aconcagua 2015/16 - Summit!

 20 Feb, 2016 - Congratulations! 

20 Feb -  All the team made it to Camp 3 on the 19th in good form and started the summit day on Feb 20 at 5am.



Vinson Massif 2015 - Homeward Bound


24 Dec - The Vinson team have at last been able to fly from Vinson Base Camp back...


Sherpa Future Fund

If you would like to support of the victims and affected families of the Everest Base Camp Avalanche, please consider contributing to the Adventure Consultants Sherpa Future Fund. 
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