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Archived Dispatches

Our expedition track record

Following is a list of Adventure Consultants expeditions from 1990 to date.  Links to dispatches are available for all those in blue.

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Elbrus 2014 Trip 2 - A day of travel to Elbrus region

 Instead of being 5 members we are now 6 as Mitsha has joined us  © Mike Roberts
Elbrus 2014 Trip 2 - Team photo with Mitsha
© Mike Roberts

Instead of being 5 members we are now 6 as Mitsha has joined us

30 July 2014
29 July 2014

29 July - Our Aeroflot flight to Mineralyne Vody was smooth and the 3 hour van trip fast...

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Alpamayo Team - Summits all around

 The summit slopes of Alpamayo  © Dean Staples
Alpamayo 08 view from tent
© Dean Staples

The summit slopes of Alpamayo

06 March 2009

26 July - The whole team summitted on July 20 and were all back at High Camp in good time...

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Europe summer in full swing

 © Paolo Pieroni
CIMC July 2014
© Paolo Pieroni
24 July 2014

30 July - Congrats to those who've summited Mont Blanc and to the others who've upskilled their mountaineering on one of our courses!

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New Zealand winter ice climbing and ski touring

 © William Shepherd
ICC Wye Creek
© William Shepherd
09 July 2014

30 July - Winter has arrived in full force and our Ice Climbing Courses have had good conditions. Backcountry Skiing will be underway soon - some spaces available.

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