Carstensz Pyramid


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Arrive Denpasar (Bali)
Expedition briefing & gear checks


Day in Bali - Gear checks and contingency day for lost baggage recovery. Depart for Timika in the evening, or early the next morning   


Arrive in Timika (Western Papua) Overnight in Timika hotel


Early morning helicopter flight to Carstensz Pyramid Base Camp (4,200m)


Acclimatisation days


Summit climb on Carstensz Pyramid


Contingency summit day or hike to glacier near East Carstensz Peak


7-9hr trek out over New Zealand Pass (3,700m)


9-10hr trek through open meadows to camp near the jungle (3,200m)


8-10hr trek through jungle


9-11hr trek to Suwamggwa


Motorbike to Sugapa
Fly to Timika


Contingency day for flight delays


Flight back to Denpasar, Bali
Trip ends


The approach to the mountain involves flying from Denpasar (Bali) to the town of Timika in Western Papua. We fly by helicopter directly to our Base Camp at 13,000 feet (4,200 metres). We rest and acclimatise over 3 days/nights before attempting the climb to the summit of this illusive peak. The Base Camp is at a very high elevation to fly to but our options are limited for access. Helicopter access will enable us to avoid many days of difficult jungle trekking and arrive fresh and ready for the climb.


We will climb the mountain via the North face, in a long day from the base of the peak to the summit and back.  The guides will attach fixed rope to the most difficult sections of the route to enable quick access to the summit ridge and a rapid descent afterwards.

Some of the terrain can be climbed without ropes and is little more than scrambling, but other sections will require the ropes fixed over technical rock slabs. In addition, some parts of the razorback summit ridge, while technically straightforward, are very exposed and there is even a three wire bridge to negotiate.

The mountain is coarse limestone, which provides excellent friction for climbing boots but can be particularly rough on un-gloved hands.

The route is suitable for climbers of modest experience as long as they have some recent fixed rope experience, or are prepared to undertake some training prior to departure.


After the climb we walk back to Sugapa over five days, allowing us our full ‘jungle experience’ and fly out to Timika, followed by another flight back to Denpasar (Bali) for a well-earned rest after the climb.

Being close to the equator, the weather pattern is the same all year round with generally clear skies until midday and then a heavy downpour in the afternoon. During the walk out we must pass through and sometimes stay in very remote villages which your guides will make financial donations to for permission and safe passage. They are some of the most remote villages on earth and expedition members are expected to respect the local customs and realise itineraries may change to accommodate the locals. Cannibalism has not been practised for several years. The toughest two days of the trek are through the jungle in thick deep mud and are very physical. Despite this, the jungle trek out experience is not to be missed for those seeking a true adventure into the heart of a remote and wild part of the world!

Please be aware that many companies offer shorter expeditions and will promise to ‘smuggle’ you through the Freeport Mine, or get a permit to travel through the mine. These methods are illegal at best, or dangerous, and sometimes a combination of both. We encourage you to consider carefully your selected operator as many people have been detained by the mine for 10 or 12 days only then to have to walk out for another four days.






 Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak in Australasia.

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