Ascents Week







Meet at AC offices in Wanaka. Gear check, discuss venue options. Drive and fly to chosen venue.



Revision/Warm Up Climb



Ascent #1/Weather Day



Ascent #2/Weather Day



Ascent #3/Weather Day



Ascent #4 or Walk out



Walk or Fly out. Drive to Wanaka. Group dinner at a restaurant.

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The Southern Alps have an extensive array of peaks of different character and technical challenge.  Your options can range from attempts to scale the 3000m peaks or merely climb to your heart’s content on smaller objectives. Our Ascents Week is structured to allow you to climb a variety of peaks from one of the alpine huts in one of several high mountain venues. You also have the option to bivouac out to access the more distant peaks and add to your alpine experience.

You may already have an idea of what peaks you wish to climb or we can help formulate a plan in line with your experience and objectives.

Whilst the focus is on climbing peaks, your guide will ensure that you have the necessary skill set appropriate for your planned climbing itinerary.

We offer a 1:1 and 1:2 guide: client ratio. The more technical routes will be limited to a 1:1 ratio for safety reasons.


Day 1. We meet and access the mountains
We meet at the Adventure Consultants office in Wanaka at 9.00am where you will be introduced to your guide. We then discuss and organise your personal equipment (bring all your gear with you, including those items you are not sure whether to include or not).

Final equipment requirements are discussed and you can get all the advice you need concerning equipment and clothing from your guide. If you require rental equipment, it will be fitted at this time (but please advise in advance of your requirements to ensure you are catered to) and final purchases can be made.

The possible areas to visit for the week are discussed and a decision is made to go to Tasman Glacier in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park. The Mt Aspiring and Westland regions are other optional venues also.

Your guide will finalise all the food for the week and this is the time for you to sort out your final last minute purchases, and get your gear packed.

If the weather forecast is promising we drive to Aoraki/Mt Cook township, 2.5 hours north of Wanaka and fly in that afternoon to Tasman Saddle Hut, by either ski plane or helicopter. By that afternoon we aim to be strapping on crampons for a warm up walk on the glacier up a nearby ridge, revising glacier travel and rope skills.

Day 2. Revision / warm up climb
Up bright and early! We head out onto the glacier towards the South Face of Mt Aylmer, 2699m for some moderately steep ice climbing. There may be other groups on the south face as it is a popular instructional climb, but you'll no doubt fly past them with your small group and guide leading the way. It's then back to the hut for an early dinner, and time for your guide to discuss the options for the following day with you.

Day 3. Ascent
An early start sees you roped up and away well before dawn up the Anna Glacier for an ascent of Mt Elie de Beaumont. At 3109 metres it offers a commanding view out to the Tasman Sea, and then turning to the southwest you see the mighty Aoraki/Mt Cook and surrounding peaks.

We arrive back to the hut in time for you to rest your legs over a cup of tea, and watch the sunset, while your guide prepares dinner. The weather forecast on the hut radio suggests that the high pressure system is holding, so conditions are looking good for the next day.

Day 4. Ascent
Today is another alpine start; we leave the hut at 4.00am to cross the glacier for ascents of Mounts Green, 2837m and Walter, 2905m. We climb to the plateau between the two peaks during the early hours of the morning and then belay up classic steep snow and ice of the North East ridge of Green. From the top of Green we enjoy a well-earned lunch, and take in the surrounding panorama with stunning views of Mt Malte Brun to the east, and again to Mt Cook. With the wind picking up from the west, Mt Walter is left for another day and we arrive back at the hut after a long day, with some cloud starting to spill over the divide. A front is expected to pass over the region tomorrow.

Day 5. Weather day
We awake to windy conditions, and cloud around the hut with light rain, so it's a relaxing breakfast and time to discuss the options with your guide. The weather looks to continue for the day but there are a few books to read while resting tired bodies. The forecast is good for the next few days, and your guide discusses the option to commence the two day walk out tomorrow, or climb another peak. Another peak it is!

Day 6. Ascent /Walk out option*
With rested legs we head out early, well before dawn in clearing skies and with heavy packs. Down the glacier we go to a spot just above Darwin Corner where we stop to make a gear dump. After a quick rest we ascend the West Ridge of Mt Darwin, 2952m.

We arrive at the summit close to mid-day with spectacular views into the Malte Brun Range. We descend and bivvy on the Tasman Glacier under a starry night.

*There is the option to walk out on Day 6, but since this involves two days, many of our guests prefer to fly out (weather permitting), in order to take advantage of their time in the mountains. Back flights are often available. The flight out is an additional charge, and cost estimates can be given at the time of booking.

Day 7. Fly out / Drive
We awake for breakfast and time to take it all in, before we pack our gear for the flight out. Another spectacular flight over the Southern Alps and we are back for lunch at Aoraki/Mt Cook village, and then back into vehicles for the drive to Wanaka. Once back in Wanaka it is time for a sort out and clean-up of all the gear at the office before heading to your accommodation for a shower. Then it's downtown for a social evening and recollections of the week over a meal.

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