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Arrive into Mendoza this morning, or the day prior


Complete permitting process and drive to Penitentes


Acclimatisation hike


Trek to Pampa de Lenas


Trek to Casa de Piedra


Trek to Plaza Argentina (Base Camp)


Rest day / Trek to Camp Colorado


Carry to Camp 1


Rest day


Climb to Camp 1


Carry to Camp 2


Climb to Camp 2


Carry to Camp 3 'Colera Camp'


Climb to Camp 3 'Colera Camp'


Summit day


Contingency day


Contingency day


Descend to Plaza de Mulas (Base Camp)


Trek to Puenta del Inca and drive to Mendoza


Depart for home


Around Mendoza

We encourage you to arrive a day or two early if you need time to purchase or rent equipment, as well as to take the time to explore the charming city of Mendoza. Pavement cafes on the tree-lined streets create a pleasing environment to sample the region’s fine wines and experience the vibrant city atmosphere.  Most people eat late and restaurants are full around midnight. Consider bringing some ‘smart casual’ clothes for dining out.

If you find yourself lucky enough to have a few spare days in Mendoza, this vibrant city offers many activities allowing you to explore and enjoy the area.  We suggest:

  • Travel around the surrounding wine growing area by bike or a classic Citroen 3CV.
  • Visit the infamous ‘Hill Of Glory’, the national monument found at the entry to the San Martin Park.
  • Raft the Mendoza River
  • Visit the town of Villavicencio and luxuriate in the natural hot springs. 

Trekking to Aconcagua Base Camp

On day two of the trip after we have completed the permitting process you will depart Mendoza and drive to Penitentes which takes about 4 hours. In Penitentes, we stay at a lodge in quad or triple share rooms. Private rooms are available at an additional cost.

We will spend two nights in Penitentes. We use the time here to go on an acclimatisation hike above the town.

The following day you will drive a short distance to Punta de Vacas, where the trek begins.  We plan to arrive at Aconcagua Base Camp, known as Plaza Argentina, 3 days later. Each day you will walk 4 - 7 hours at a casual pace.  From this point, you will be staying in tents and eating meals mostly prepared by your guides.

This is when expedition life starts to take shape. Camp needs to be set up; loads moved around and water collected, while friendships and personal characters start to emerge. The hustle and bustle of normal life are replaced by simple living and exciting new adventures each day.


Aconcagua Route Map Google Earth
26 June 2014

Once Base Camp (4200m) is reached there will be time set aside to organise the camp, get settled in and relax (acclimatise).

After a day at Base Camp, it is time to embark on our acclimatisation plan on the mountain. The exact plan for making the ascent will vary depending on factors such as conditions and weather, member’s health, acclimatisation and general logistics on the mountain.

  • Carry to Camp 1, 4900m. Return to Base Camp.
  • Rest day
  • Climb and stay night at Camp 1
  • Carry to Camp 2, Guanacos Camp, 5500m. Return to Camp One.
  • Climb and stay the night at Camp 2, Guanacos Camp.
  • Carry to Camp 3, Camp Colera.
  • Climb and stay the night at Camp 3, Camp Colera.
  • Summit attempt. Descend to Camp Colera.
  • Descend to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp.
  • Trek to Puente del Inca and drive to Mendoza

Note: There is room for contingency days not shown above.