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Aconcagua, “The Sentinel of Stone”, is the highest peak outside of the Himalaya. Located in Western Argentina - the heart of the Central Andes, it is South America’s highest peak and one of the much sought after "Seven Summits".

Adventure Consultants is operating three Aconcagua Expeditions this season. The teams will meet in Mendoza, Argentina, before beginning their acclimatisation and adventure to climb this challenging 6,962m Andean giant over the following 23 days. 

We will be posting regular updates from all of the teams on this page. Bookmark this page and follow along!

Aconcagua 2014 Trip #3  January 29 - February 20, 2015
Team Members

Expedition Leader: Matias Prieto, Chile
Assistant Guides: Agustin Zambrano, Argentina and Tendi Sherpa, Nepal
Private guide: Leonardo Miranda, Argentina

Expedition team members:
Denis Levin - Australia

Eduard Kubatov - Kyrgyz Republic
David Archbold - Australia
Roy Wells - Australia
Geoffrey Gordon - Australia
Chad Gathercole - Canada

Beverly Armstrong - USA
Colin Gordon - Australia
Gary Lewis - Australia
Suzanne Wonnacott - Canada
Matthew Molyneux - Australia

Private Expedition member: Roger Collison - Australia

You can also check out the team's position on the Aconcagua TrekTraka page


In the early morning of Friday the 13th the team set off from Camp Cholera at 5.30am in very cold conditions.  After a short time Beverly unfortunately decided to return to Camp 3 and join Suzanne and Chad who, despite having done so well reaching that point, had remained at Camp 3 also.


It was welcome relief when the sun hit at Independencia and started to warm up the day.  Here the team donned their crampons ready for the climb ahead.  The traverse proved tricky to negotiate with a mix of snow, rock and ice underfoot.  At the Canaletta at 6700m Geoff, Colin, David and Gary reached their high point and decided to return back to camp. 


At 2.30pm Eduard, Roy, Matias and Leo summitted in perfect conditions and enjoyed 45 minutes on the summit of Aconcagua.  The views were amazing and the weather clear with no wind.


Congratulations to them and also to the rest of the team and their respective high points - a fantastic achievement all-round!


The next day the team descended to Plaza de Mulas, enjoying fantastic conditions once again and great views of the surrounding glaciers.  They celebrated with pizza and beer and a good night's rest.  


The team are now in Penitentes and will soon be on the final leg of their journey back to Mendoza.

Eduard, Roy, Matias and Leo on the summit

Departing Camp 3 on descent

Descending the Polish Glacier

Final dinner in Mendoza
  15 February 2015
Summit Day Report

14 February 2015
Safe Return from Summit

12 February 2015
Poised for Summit

11 February 2015
Resting at Camp 2

10 February, 2015
Camp 2 Carry

8 February, 2015
Back to Camp One

7 February, 2015
Base Camp Siesta

6 February, 2015
Acclimatising to Camp 1

5 February, 2015
Trek to Base Camp

1 February, 2015
Acclimatistion Hike

31January, 2015
Moving to Penitentes


Congratulations to the team with their summit of Aconcagua at approximately 12.00pm on Friday 13th!! The team have all now arrived at the relative civilisation of Base Camp Plaza de Mulas and no doubt enjoying a good rest after their descent of the mountain today.  Well done team!  Tomorrow they will continue to Penitentes and onwards to Mendoza.



As planned the team have moved up to Camp 3 in readiness for their summit attempt tomorrow.  Everyone is well rested, feeling strong and excited about these next and final steps to the summit of Aconcagua.  Stay tuned!

Adventure Consultants Aconcagua guiding team - Leo, Matias, Augustin and Tendi


Today the expedition members spent the day resting at Camp 2 while the guides carried some loads of gear up to Camp 3.


The plan so far is for the team to move up to Camp 3 tomorrow, and then hopefully summit on the 13th before winds are forecasted to increase.


Everyone is doing well and excited for the climb ahead!

Camp Guanacos at night


Team Leader Matias phoned home to the AC headquarters on Tuesday afternoon from Camp 2, where all of the team are now settled in for a relaxing evening; most likely tucked up in their tents as another storm passes by.


Yesterday (Feb 9) the team had a carry day to Camp 2 in cold and windy conditions, and then descended back to Camp 1 for a good sleep at this lower altitude.  Then, early this morning the porters arrived ready for the move to Camp 2.  Everyone did exceptionally well making the climb in just 3 hours and like the day before, it was cold and windy with snow flurries. 


Everyone is enjoying the challenge on this mighty mountain and are looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!  They are then looking for their summit window over the following days; weather permitting.



The team have arrived at Camp 1 feeling good after a beautiful day, enjoying the views from the mountain.


Over dinner tonight the guides will brief the team on what to expect tomorrow.  Weather permitting the plan is to climb to Camp Two and then return back down to Camp One which will aid the team's acclimatisation greatly.  


Unfortunately we have said goodbye to Denis and Roger who left the expedition over the weekend, along with Matthew who departed a few days earlier.


More news from the mountain tomorrow!



Today is a easy day.  We arranged the final details for all our group and personal gear for up high. For everyone the Argentina style of take a siesta or nap in the afternoon was really easy to adopt - actually the team members want to continue with this at home!


The team is focussed and happy to start the real mountain expedition.

All good from here,


Leo,Tendi, Matías, Agustin

Base Camp Plaza Argentina


The team is doing really well, today we carried a load to Camp 1 - the day was perfect and everyone enjoy the trek. We stayed one hour at the camp for acclimatisation. Tomorrow is our rest day before the mountain style life starts.... The group is exciting to continue and we are having good fun.

Regards from Aconcagua



Most of the three day trek to Base Camp was quite windy but on the second night, at Casa Piedra camp, the team enjoyed an incredible night with a full moon.


The team are now at Base Camp Plaza Argentina, resting and saving energy for heading onto the mountain and preparing logistics for the climb.

Pampa de Lenas camp


Today we trekked up to the Penitentes Ski field and enjoyed a warm and sunny day. Everyone did really well. I gave the group a briefing on the top of our hill about what to expect in the next few days.


The guides have been busy packing up the mules with all of our equipment. 


Everyone is excited and happy to start the expedition.





After few really busy days of organizing, the team is now ready to start the expedition and move to Penitentes.


During the week we checked our equipment and yesterday, we had our expedition briefing and team dinner. 

Today we finished the last organisational details and finished the paper work for our permits.


Everyone is exited to start the expedition.


Agustin,Leo,Tendí and Matias


Aconcagua 2015 Trip 3 Dispatch 1
02 February 2015

Expedition members enjoy a team dinner in Mendoza. 

Our expedition snack bags lined up and ready for our departure.

Aconcagua 2014 Trip #2  December 30 - January 21, 2014/15
Team Members

Expedition Leader: Leonardo Miranda, Argentina
Expedition members: Aparna Kumar - India, Steve Wilson - Australia, Leah Jay - Australia

You can also check the team's position on the Aconcagua TrekTraka page.


The weather was fine for the climb up to Camp 1 and Camp 2. During our rest day at Camp 2, we experienced our first snowfall, which kept all of us inside our tents. It was amazing to see the camp change from rocks and dust to snow-covered within 90 minutes. We moved as an entire team to Camp 3 ready for summit. 


Summit Day


Leah, Leo and Aparna started Summit day  at 4:00 am. Steve, unfortunately, despite getting so far, remained at Camp 3. The weather was cold but otherwise perfect conditions. As day broke, we made it to Independencia where we put on our crampons and had our first food break. We were very keen to reach the sheltered terrain at the end of the second section which gave us a break from relentless winds. We enjoyed the views and then commenced the climb up the Canaleta. After a couple of hours in perfect conditions, Leah Jay and Aparna Kumar reached the summit.  


Leah, Aparna and Leo safely descended to Camp 3 in less than ideal weather conditions.


Today all team members headed down towards Plaza de Mulas for the trek out tomorrow.


Leo, Leah, Aparna, and Steve.

Aconcagua 2015 Trip 2 Summit
16 January 2015

Summit smiles.Team members Aparna, Leo and Leah summited Aconcagua in clear skies.
  15 January, 2015

13 January, 2015
Summit Tomorrow

8 January, 2015
Carry to Camp One

6 January, 2015
Arrival at Base Camp

2 January, 2015
Acclimatising at Penitentes

1 January, 2015
Trip #2 Underway



We have just had an update from the team. They are all doing well and are currently up at Camp 3. They plan to attempt the summit tomorrow. 


We all wish the team well with their summit attempt tomorrow and will update you with news as soon as we hear. 


AC Office on behalf of the Aconcagua Team. 

   © Suze Kelly
Aconcagua C3 to summit view
© Suze Kelly
19 December 2011

AC Image of Aconcagua Summit from Camp 3


Yesterday we did our carry to camp one. We made great time up the mountain with everyone feeling good. We are all looking forward to moving tomorrow but today we will enjoy a rest day and a shower at base camp. The team!!!



The three amigos arrived safely at base camp after a three day trek. After Agood sleep, pizza and showers everyone is feeling refreshed. The last day trekking into base camp started with a mule ride across a river, which everyone enjoyed(!). The team are now anticipating their climb to Camp One in the next day or two.



Today the three amigos did our first acclimatisation walk above Los Penitentes.  We walked for five hours and felt very strong for the mountain.  On the way back down, Leo showed us a short cut down the mountain. Tomorrow we depart at 10 am for our three day trek to base camp from where we will send our next update.


The three amigos out to dinner in Penitentes



Today the three amigos (Leah, Aparna and Steve) departed Mendoza today for Los Penitentes with our guide Leo. Tomorrow we have the trek in Penitentes to Cruz de Cana, 3300 meters. To be continued… thanks for following!


Aconcagua Team #2 members Leo, Leah, Steve and Aparna. 



Aconcagua 2014 Trip #1  November 29 - December 21, 2014
Team Members

Expedition Leader: Leonardo Miranda, Argentina
Expedition members: Dave Arnett - USA, Robin Moore - USA, Henry Mungalsingh - Trinidad & Tobago / UK

Team member Henry Mungalsingh is climbing to raise money for ChildLine, an organisation that offers a proactive response to child welfare and protection, through the provision of a free helpline, and outreach services in Trinidad/Tobago.  You can follow his journey and learn more about his fundraising efforts here.


A couple of days of fast and hard trekking finds us back in Penitentes, safely down with thoughts turning toward home and Christmas time with family...onward to Mendoza.

While the high winds and weather sadly resulted in our (and all teams) descending the mountain due to unviable conditions, it has still been an opportunity to be with Aconcagua and stand on her massive shoulders.

We look forward, individually, to coming back in the years to come to experience the full reach of her height.

Thanks to AC and especially to Leo for this part of the journey,


Dave, Robin, Henry and Leo

      15 December 2014
Back in Penitentes

12 December 2014
The journey, not the destination

11 December 2014
Winds hampering summit plans...

8 December 2014
Rest day

5 December 2014
Arrival at Base Camp

1 December 2014
Team all well in Penitentes

18 November 2014
Trip #1 Begins soon


In all journeys, there are unexpected chapters and we have crossed one of those. The updated weather forecast shows that conditions will continue to deteriorate over the next several days, through our summit window, making a summit attempt unviable. Winds in excess of 100 km/hr are anticipated along with related wind chill cold temperatures.


While the lack of a summit opportunity saddens us, we are enriched by the experience and it was a significant challenge getting this far (Camp 2, at 18,000 feet).


We have made new friends and we have seen both the beauty and the power of Aconcagua. As in all things, it is the journey and not (only) the summit that defines us.


Tomorrow we begin our 2 day trek down to Penitentes and then on to Mendoza.


On a personal note, Henry would like to thank all those who pledged generously to Project Halo, its cause and campaign remain very important.


We look forward to seeing family and friends soon. 


Dave, Robin, Henry and Leo.



We spent the last few days moving gear between Base Camp and Camp 1, and then Camp 1 and Camp 2...JUST OVER 18.000 FEET. It was a very challenging day yesterday, moving our equipment from Camp 1 to Camp 2 in difficult weather conditions (the winds were so strong that we occasionally had to huddle together to keep our balance). The weather forecast for the next few days suggests excessive winds between Camp 3 and the summit and it is too dangerous to continue beyond Camp 2 at the moment. With the help of our guide Leo we have made the difficult decision to return to Base Camp and wait for the next two days to see if a summit window opens, in which case we will make an expedited summit push. Otherwise the team is in good health and good spirit. Robin and Henry have been trying to convince Dave to do a musical rendition of ¨Country Road” albeit slow progress!


We continue to remain hopeful but we are most focused on returning home safely to our loved ones.


Dave, Robin, Dave and Leo




Greetings from the team on our rest day.

Yesterday we did a carry to Camp 1 at around 5000 meters or 16,400 feet. It was a hard day's work but great for acclimatisation and prep for our move day tomorrow.

We're enjoying peaceful  weather here today, but anticípate winds higher on the mountain in the days to come.

On a very personal note, we want to wish all the best to our families.

Dave would like to wish Kathryn a blessed 13th birthday tomorrow and Henry would like to wish his sister Catherine and his mother Jasema a very happy birthday.

The team is well and looking forword to the days to come- we appreciate the support from our family and friends.



Aconcagua 2014-15 Trip 1, Base Camp
10 December 2014
07 December 2014
Robin, Henry and Dave relaxing at Base Camp


We have arrived at Plaza Argentina at 4200m or 13779 feet. We spent the last 3 days trekking here from Penitentes. The trek was rich in culture, with a very international community at all camps. We are grateful to the arrieros (Argentinian gauchos) and the excellent mules for the load carries to camp - we could not have done it without them. Our first sight of Aconcagua was amazing - it is a beautiful mountain, with many contrasting ridges and breathtaking combination of snow, ice, and rock.


We have a rest day tomorrow, and are looking forward to the days to come - where we will carry and move to higher camps on the mountain. 


With best wishes and broad smiles. 


Dave, Robin, Henry and Leo

Aconcagua 2014-15 Trip 1, Team with view of Aconcagua behind
10 December 2014
08 December 2014

Dave, Robin, Henry and Leo with Aconcagua in the distance


We have a short update from Leo and each of the team members. They are all very well, and currently in Penitentes and on schedule for their acclimatisation hike tomorrow. Leo said to stay tuned and that he will send us photos of their hike when they get to Base Camp. 

Dave: "What a beautiful country and mountains! It is wonderful to be underway. Best wishes to all at home, wishing you were here."


Henry: "I am very excited to be a part of a great team. I am taking it one step at a time and enjoying the moment and the peace that the mountain give me. All my love to my family, I miss you."


Robin: "We are so excited to finally be starting our jouney. We are resting well tonight and begin our hiking tomorrow." 

AC Office, on behalf of the Aconcagua 2014 Trip # 1 Team

Aconcagua Gauchos on trek to Plaza
05 December 2014

AC Archive Photo: Aconcagua Gauchos on trek to Plaza Argentina


The 2014 Aconcagua  Trip # 1 will be starting soon - running from November 29 to December 21, 2014.  Over the next few days, team members will start to arrive in Mendoza, check equipment and prepare for their drive to Penitentes, where their adventure begins. Stay tuned on this page as we update you on their progress.

AC Office, on behalf of the Aconcagua 2014 Trip # 1 Team

  Aconcagua - Polish Glacier route © Guy Cotter
AC Archive Photo: Aconcagua, the Sentinal of Stone.