During the summer seaon of 2012-2013 Adventure Consultants have three expeditions attempting Aconcagua, 6962m, the highest peak in South America.

We have a SPOT tracker following the teams as they climb the mountain, and we will post occasional updates and photos to this page.

Team 3 - Jan 29 to Feb 20, 2013

Expedition Leader: Matias Prieto - Chile
Assistant Guide: Leo Mirando - Argentina
Team members:

Adam Barkla - Australia
Jon Johnston - Australia
Jin Boon Lew - Australia
Pei Yin Lew - Australia
Kwong Lew - Australia
Jan Arnold - New Zealand
Howard Thomas - Australia
Lesley McKinlay - Australia
Thomas Stromstedt - Sweden

January 30, 2013
The January Aconcagua team have all arrived into Mendoza over the past few days to gather for the start of the Adventure Consultants third Aconcagua departure.  Today, the team had their all important trip briefing with guides, Matias and Leo. The guides go over the details of how the expedition wil run, as well as the details of what the team will be doing over the coming days.

There are a few jet lagged travellers, so a few of them have started to get into the swing of the all important siesta.  Once everyone was revived, the team went out for the welcome dinner and it seems that the team have healthy appeitites as Matias reports that a lot was eaten!

January 31, 2013
This morning, the team headed to the permit office to get the vital permits issued. Once issued, all that was left was to head out of Mendoza towards their destination for the night, Penitentes.  On the way, they stopped for lunch and some of the team members ordered meat from the menu of which they were impressed by the size!  It was a late dinner in Pentitentes and afterwards, the guides explained what the plan was for tomorrow which is the acclimatisation trek up behind Penitentes.

February 1, 2013
Today the group went on their first acclimatisation hike up to the top of the Penitentes ski field.  The day graced the team with nice weather even though there was some wind.  At the top, Matias took the opportunity to explain to everyone what the plan is for the next three days.  Tomorrow, the trek in 'proper' begins with the first destination, Pampa Lenas Camp.

February 2, 2013
The trek from Penitentes to Pampa Lenas went very well and everyone made it to camp in good time.  Matias gave the team a lesson is putting up tents and once this was done, it was a night for enjoying an Argentinean BBQ with the local arreiro's.  A great feast was enjoyed and the team all enjoyed staying at theis beautiful camp spot.

Tomorrow, the plan is to head off on the second day of the trek in to Casa de Piedra Camp.

February 3 - 4, 2013
On Monday, the team departed Pampa Lenas Camp and made the trek to Casa de Piedra where they spent the night.

Tuesday saw them on the final trekking day from Casa de Piedra to Plaza Argentina Base Camp.  The dawned hot and sunny with no wind, which makes for good trekking conditions.  All of the team and the mules had to make a river crossing which was refreshing in the cold water given the hot day.  On this final leg of the trek in, the team got to enjoy great views of Aconcagua as well as being able to see the Polish Glacier.  Everyone was a little tired after this day's trek so are all happy to be at Base Camp.

The next day or so will be spend resting and preparing the loads for the start of the load and move carries up the mountain.  Everyone is very excited about this next phase of the expedition, where the climbing 'proper' starts.

February 5, 2013
Today the team enjoyed a rest day at Base Camp, and this also involves a compulsary check-in with the Base Camp doctor.  The doctor make sure that each individual has acclimatised well and is ready for the next phase moving up the mountain to the higher altitudes.  Our team all passed with flying colours.

Matias took the opportunity to have a briefing with the team to talk about the altitude, what to expect and how to manage this. It was also an opportuntity for everyone to meet their extra guide, Nanika who will be providing additional support during the next phase of the expedition.

Matia and Leo spent the afternoon organising the loads for high camp, and also as to what is going to be carried on the first load carry day to Camp One tomorrow.

February 6, 2013
News from Aconcagua is that today, the team completed their first load carry from Plaza Argentina Base Camp to Camp One.  The weather dawned fine, but by the time the team arrived at camp, it was snowing.  Matias said that everyone is a little tired after this first load carry, but this is to be expected. The team arrived back at Base Camp and enjoyed sitting around with hot chocolates while watching the snow outside.

Tomorrow is going to be another rest day, so there will be a lot of eating, drinking and siestas taken.

February 7 - 10, 2013
Thursday and Friday saw the team resting at Base Camp, and this included an extra day as Matias decided to have a day at camp as the rain had descended on the mountain.

Saturday, it was an early start as everyone packed up for the move back up to Camp One. Sunday was the load carry higher up to Camp Two and Matias has let us know that the team all did very well as this higher altitude.  Once at Camp Two, the team spent a little time relaxing and enjoying the view before heading back down to Camp One for the night.

The plan for the next few days is to move back up to Camp Two, potentially have a rest day and then move up to Camp Three and the summit.

February 11, 2013
The team have moved to Camp Two and, although it is very windy, the team are tired but happy.  Tomorrow will be a rest day then the team will carry their loads up to Camp Three, ready for their summit bid later in the week.  At this stage the winds are forecast to drop slightly so we hope that this bodes well for a summit attempt.  Ciao from Aconcagua!

February 12, 2013
Everyone is feeling strong and recovered from the past few days after resting today at Camp Two.  They are preparing to move to Camp Cholera tomorrow, getting in position ready for their summit bid!

February 13, 2013
The team are at Camp Three, resting and preparing for their summit bid.  We are all watching the weather and waiting for the wind to drop, ready to go for the top!  Good luck team!

February 14, 2013
SUMMIT SUCCESS!  Congratulations to Jin Boon, Pei Yin, Jon, Thomas and Howard who made it to the summit with Matias and Leonardo.  They are now back at Camp Three and resting with the rest of the team and will descend to Base Camp tomorrow. Well done team!

 Aconcagua summit! Jin, Pei, Thomas, Leonardo, Howard, Matias and Jon reach 6962m on 14 Feb 2013.  © Matias Prieto

February 15-17, 2013
The team have spent tha last few days descending from Camp Three, down to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp onwards to Penitentes and finally, they have arrived back to Mendoza.  Everyone is enjoying the comforts of being back in the city and are all off for a final team dinner tonight.



February 18-19, 2013
Last night, the team all headed off out into Mendoza to enjoy their final team dinner.  Unbeknowns to one team member, a surprise birthday celebration including a cake and drinks had been organised by his wife through the AC NZ office.  Happy Birthday from all the staff at AC. Matias said that the dinner was a lot of fun and the official 'Aconcagua awards' were presented.

Today, most of the team decided to head off on a wine tour which is a must for anyone visiting this region of Argentina.  The team members will all start making their way home after this exciting expedition, so we thank all of the families and friends that have been following our Aconcagua teams this year.


Team 2 - Dec 30, 2012 to Jan 21, 2013

Expedition Leader: Matias Prieto - Chile
Assistant Guide: Leo Mirando - Argentina
Team members:

Neil Long – UK/NZ
Abigail Smart - UK/NZ
Nigel Leadbitter – Australia
Ann Leadbitter – Australia
Inia Raumati – New Zealand
Max Devenport - UK

Dec 30 - Jan 1, 2013
Hola from Mendoza! Yesterday we had a busy day finishing all the details of the trip, in the morning we went to the rental equipment store to hire all the gear for the group and after that we continued to the permit office. It was very busy with plenty of people there at the permit office because today, Jan 1, all is closed. The group had a free afternoon and in the evening we went out for a New Years dinner with all the group.
Now we are organising the last details and we are ready to take our transfer to Penitentes.
All the group are in great form and ready to start the trip.
Matias Prieto

 The team enjoys New Year's Eve in Mendoza, Argentina!  © Matias Prieto  There are really good mountainering equipment stores in Mendoza to source last minute items for your Aconcagua climb.  © Matias Prieto

 January 2, 2013

After traveling to Penitentes on January 1, today we hiked up to the top of the Penitentes ski field to start our all important acclimatisation programme.  The group did very well and reached the top in only three hours, with their highest altitude at 3200 metres. Upon return, everyone took a rest whilst the guides prepared the loads that will be carried by the mules in to Base Camp.

Tomorrow, the plan is to head out from Penitentes at 9am to start the trek into Base Camp.  Everyone is very excited to start the adventure.

January 2 - 4, 2013

From Penitentes, the team started the trek in and spent their first night camping at Pampa de Lenas.  From Pampa de Lenas, everyone enjoyed a fine, warm but slightly windy day trekking to their next camp spot at Casa de Piedra. They were able to see and enjoy their first view of Aconcagua near the end of this day. Upon arrival at Casa de Piedra, the team were treated to a traditional Argentinean barbeque with the local arreiro's.

After dinner, Matias talked everyone through the plan for the coming days - tomorrow they will trek to Plaza Argentina Base Camp.  Matias has let us know that everyone is doing very well with all of the team starting to get very excited about heading up higher onto the mountain.

January 5 - 6, 2013

Saturday, the team arrived into Plaza Argentina Base Camp after an enjoyable trek from Casa de Piedra.  Sunday was a well earnt rest day on which all of the team members are required to check-in with the Base Camp doctor.  This is a compulsary visit to make sure they are fit and ready to climb higher on the mountain.  After finishing dinner Leo, the assistant guide finished organising all of the loads which need to carried up high.

Tomorrow, the plan is to do a load carry to Camp One and the weather is looking very good so everyone is very excited to head off.

January 7, 2013

Today the team all did very well taking their first load from Plaza Argentina Base Camp up to Camp One.  Once at Camp One, the team were able to rest and take in the views from this higher vantage point.  The excitement is mounting as the team make their way closer to summit day.

Tomorrow is a planned rest day at Base Camp before heading back up the mountain to Camp One.

January 8, 2013

Last night, the team had cause to celebrate as Neil Long was having a birthday. Matias was able to get the fantastic chef to make a birthday cake which they washed down with champagne.

The team enjoyed their rest day at Base Camp and they spent their time eating, drinking, resting and playing cards.  Now that everyone is well rested, tomorrow brings a move to Camp One then they will gradually move onwards and upwards.

January 9 - 10, 2013

Matias, Leo and the team completed their move to Camp One on January 9 in perfect weather conditions.

On Thursday, they did a load carry to Camp Two and all of the team did very well getting up to this higher elevation.  After enjoying the views from Camp Two, the team descended back down to Camp One to enjoy dinner then spent time relaxing after their big day.

Matias said that he plans for the team to have a rest day at Camp One on Friday after such a big day yesterday.  Everyone is doing fantastically and are excited to continue higher.

January 11, 2013

We've heard from Matias and today they had a really useful rest day at Camp One, with everyone doing well at keeping hyrated and eating well. After updating them with the news of the weather forecast in the coming days the team will now make a plan for their move to Camp Two and then Three. There is some snow and wind in the forecast which they will have to work around, but this is situation normal on Aconcagua. They send their best wishes to everyone!

January 12, 2013

The Adventure Consultants office has received news that the team have made their way to Camp Two (Guacanos) today. Even though there was some snowfall on the mountain today, Matias said the team all did extremely well moving up from Camp One to Camp Two.

January 13 - 14, 2013

News has been received from our Aconcagua team, who on Sunday completed their first load carry to Camp Three (Camp Cholera).  After spending half an hour at this higher elevation, the team then descended back down to Camp Two for the night.  Matias said that in the morning the weather was clear and by midday, it had started to snow.  He and  Leo are very happy with how the team are doing higher on the mountain.

Monday the team are enjoying a rest day at Camp Two, as the plan after this is to move up to Camp Three on Tuesday to be poised for a potential summit attempt on Wednesday.

January 16, 2013

We have heard from Matias and they have had a successful summit day today on Aconcagua! He described it as 'perfect weather and the best summit day I've ever had!!" He summitted with Inia and Neil as the rest of the team had already descended to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp with guide Leo, from Camp 3. We will hear more news from them as they return to internet connections in Plaza du Mulas Base Camp.

January 20, 2013

Here are some photos from the summit day for Matias and the boys - enjoy!

 © Matias Prieto

 © Matias Prieto

Climbing up the summit ridge                                                    On the top of Aconcagua, 6962m!

 © Matias Prieto

 © Matias Prieto

The summit team ready to descend from Camp 3                    View from the summit of Aconcagua

Team 1 - Nov 29 to Dec 21, 2012

Expedition Leader: Matias Prieto - Chile
Assistant Guide: Leo Mirando - Argentina
Team members:

Gary Kingston - Australia
Amel Al-Aseeri – Bahrain
Renee Kjar - Australia
Sean Rooney – Australia
Stuart – Australia
Danny Guard – New Zealand
Ronald Hogewoning – Netherlands

November 29 - 30:
Matias, Leo and the team members have all reached Mendoza and have been busy preparing for the expedition. This means sourcing and checking last items of gear, sorting food and equipment, obtaining permits and enjoying the fabulous restaurants of Mendoza, Argentina. Matias has sent some pictures of the team.

 There is so much to organise for a 21 day trip with 9 people!  © Matias Prieto  Before leaving Mendoza for the mountain you need to obtain your permit for climbing Aconcagua.  © Matias Prieto

 Local colour at the fabulous restaurants in Mendoza, Argentina!  © Matias Prieto  Everyone all together, the team on one of their first meals out together in Mendoza.  © Matias Prieto

December 1 - 2:
Today we went to the Penitentes Ski field at 3100 metres. We did the hike in a very good time. We had some wind, everyone enjoyed the trek alot and there was spectacular views from up high. Now we are organizing all the stuff for the mules and all the team members are excited about the start of our trip in the mountains.
That is for the moment, I write again in Base Camp.

 © Matias Prieto  At Penitentes, a ski area in winter, the team undertakes a day hike to aid acclimatisation.  © Matias Prieto

 In Penitentes, there is a tonne of gear to sort for the mules to take to Aconcagua Base Camp.  © Matias Prieto









December 3 - 4:
On Monday, the Aconcagua team enjoyed their first day as they made their way to Pampa Lenas.  Upon arrival, they were treated to an Argentinean barbeque with the arreiro's and the group enjoyed this feast as well as the Argentinean red wine.

Tuesday was a fine but windy day and the team trekked to Case de Piedra, which is a campsite by the river.  Today was the first time that the group got to see their objective, Aconcagua and they were all very excited.  Matias says that all of the group are doing very well and have been enjoying the walk in.  Upon arrival at camp, the plan is to keep eating, hydrating and resting as tomorrow is a big trekking day to reach Plaza Argentina Base Camp which is at 4,200m / 13,800ft.  Do check out the group's progress via their SPOT TrekTraka system - link is at the top of the page.

December 5 - 6:
On Wednesday morning, the team departed from Casa de Piedra to trek to Plaza Argentina Base Camp.  This is the main camp from which the team will begin their load carry cycle up onto the mountain.  Everyone did very well on this trekking day and are now enjoying being at this main camp.

Thursday is a rest day at Base Camp for the team, but this also involves a visit to the Base Camp doctor for a check up.  The doctor makes sure that each team has acclimatised well and is fit and ready to head up on to the mountain.  Allof the team passed with flying colours so are all set for the next phase of the expedition.  For the rest of the day, the team enjoyed relaxing, reading and generally taking it easy.

December 7 - 8:

Friday saw the team spending the day at Plaza Argentina Base Camp, due to high winds preventing them from moving higher up on the mountain for their initial load carry.  However, they did manage to get out for a small walk.

Saturday was a big day as the team were able to make their first load carry to Camp One.  They had a beautiful day with no wind so made the trip up and back in the very good time of five hours.  This trek up is also very good acclimatisation for the team, whom are all very happy having thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Everyone is back at Base Camp and Matias has planned for the team to stay there until Monday.  High winds have been forecast until the end of Sunday, so the plan is for the team to move up to Camp One on Monday.

December 9 - 11:

Due to high winds, Matias and the team have been enjoying some rest day at Base Camp before moving higher up onto the mountain.  On Tuesday, the team were able to pack up and head on upwards to Camp One where they are spending the night. Matias has let the Adventure Consultants office that tomorrow, Wednesday they plan to make a load carry to Camp Two, and then descend back down to Camp One.

The team are all doing very well and report that they are having a great time.

December 12: 

News from the team on Aconcagua is that they had a beautiful warm day for their load carry up to Camp Two.  Matias said that it was a calm day with no wind. The team enjoyed it a lot especially the great views from the mountain as well as being able to see the glacier.

The team all stayed at Camp Two for 45 minutes to an hour, before descending back down to Camp One.  Everyone is now poised to move up to Guacanos Camp Two tomorrow.

Matias is very happy that the team are all doing extremely well and all have their fingers crossed for good weather on Thursday.

December 16 - 17: 

Matias has left some updated news with the Adventure Consultants office to firstly let us know that the team are all doing very well.  On Sunday, the team had made their way up to Camp Cholera but experienced very strong winds which are forecast for at least another 3 days. After much discussion, the hard decision was made to descend the mountain down to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp.

Monday will see the team depart from Plaza de Mulas Base Camp to continue their walk out towards Mendoza.

December 18 - 20

On Monday, the team all returned to Mendoza in the late afternoon, after a big day walking out from Plaza de Mulas.  Tuesday saw the team all enjoying the delights of Mendoza as well as heading out for the final team dinner, before their departures for home. Matias said that the dinner was a lot of fun and this may have had something to do with the tequila that was drunk.  Over the coming days, the team members will start making the journey home marking the end of the November group Aconcagua departure.



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