Aconcagua Course & Ascent

 AC's Business Manager Suze Kelly on the summit of Aconcagua, 10 Jan 2009.  © Suze Kelly
Aconcagua summit Suze
© Suze Kelly

AC's Business Manager Suze Kelly on the summit of Aconcagua, 10 Jan 2009.

25 February 2009

Choosing a Provider

You will benefit from our many years of experience on this and other high mountains across the globe, and our highly qualified guides will offer you an experience that is not being offered by any other expedition provider on Aconcagua.

We have developed the Aconcagua Course & Ascent program to incorporate a more comprehensive acclimatisation strategy and additional instruction, so as to improve your chance of a successful summit on Aconcagua.  In addition to our pre-acclimatisation and instructional period on Vallecitos, we have more days available on Aconcagua to allow extra contingency for weather and therefore higher chance for summit success.  Our climbing route traverses over the mountain, making best use of the time available and allowing for a faster exit via the shorter Horcones Valley, whilst giving us the opportunity to appreciate the relative remoteness of the Vacas Valley on the approach.

Our point of difference among the majority of the operators on Aconcagua is that we provide a client focused expedition that is geared towards giving you the maximum opportunity at succeeding on this peak. Our success rate is an indication of the emphasis we place on your wellbeing and a successful outcome for you.

We believe the ascent should be made in the best style possible, a philosophy that has seen us help our expedition members achieve many successful ascents and promoted our reputation in the arena of high altitude expedition guiding.

The advantages of climbing with us 

Adventure Consultants is renowned for the quality of its service and strategy applied to high altitude expedition climbing. Our reputation is attributed to meticulous planning and experienced logistics coordination. We have a philosophy of investing in every expedition to offer our climbers the best possible chance of success. 

We employ strong and specialised Expedition leaders and staff, who are some of the most pre-eminent in the industry. We pride ourselves on operating with small teams, the best back-up and support available. This includes nutritious and ample quantities of food, comfortable Base Camp facilities, reliable communications systems and the necessary medical back up.

Many of our expedition members come to us because they have seen us in action on a previous trip and decide to opt for our level of service and proven experience.  Others return because they know we do our very best to make expeditions safe and successful.