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 Luciano is an EPGAMT certified mountain guide as well as an architect. He has spent the last 25 years working in the mountains, particularly enjoying explorations of remote areas with complicated logistics. 

He has spent 18 seasons guiding on Aconcagua, initially as a porter, then an assistant guide and lead mountain guide. He continues to work there and throughout South America today guiding expeditions for Adventure Consultants.

He has climbed extensively in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru, the most memorable being more than 30 summits on Aconcagua including the Polish Glacier Route and an offseason climb in May 2010 in celebration of the Argentina’s 200-year Anniversary. In 2012 he participated in a successful expedition to Lhotse (8,516m) without the use of supplemental oxygen. This was his first trip to the Himalayas, fulfilling a lifelong dream.


  • 30+ ascents of Aconcagua, including the Polish Glacier Route
  • Lhotse, Himalaya (8,516m)
  • Mt Plata (6,000m)
  • Ojos del Salado (6,780m)
  • Pissis (6,850m)
  • Llullaillaco (6,723m)
  • Incahuasi (6,450m)
  • Volcano Sajama (6,550m)
  • Volcano Bonete Chico (6,750m) among others...


"Luciano was fantastic both socially and professionally....he provided constant encouragement and support when we were struggling physically and mentally."
Chris Carson, Australia