Sherpa Future Fund

The AC Sherpa Future Fund directly assists Sherpas and their families who are experiencing hardship or who are affected by an accident from their work in the mountaineering industry. Adventure Consultants also contribute to this fund annually.  

If you wish to contribute to the Sherpa Future Fund please find details following:

Payment Options

We can accept donations via credit card or USD / EUR / NZD bank transfer payment. Please let us know at when you have made a donation so we can allocate it to the correct account.


The simplest way to make a donation is by using your credit card. The credit card companies charge a fee for the transaction and Adventure Consultants will absorb this fee so that 100% of your donation will go to the families.

You can make a donation using your credit card at our secure PAYMENT page.

Then, please email us at to indicate that you have made a donation and one of our friendly staff will liaise with you from there.

For larger donation amounts, it would be prudent to arrange a bank transfer of funds in order to save on credit card fees. It is hard to say what is a larger donation amount as everyone has a different feel for this but as a guideline anything over $1000 in any currency could be termed a larger donation amount.


All donations by bank transfer should be made to the following bank and account:

Bank of New Zealand
Offshore Branch
1 Willis Street
New Zealand

for the account of  Adventure Consultants Limited

Account #                          1000-594771-0000
Account Type:                   US Dollars
Swift Address:                   BKNZNZ22


All donations by bank transfer should be made to the following EUR€ bank and account:

Bank of New Zealand
Offshore Branch
1 Willis Street

New Zealand

for the account of  Adventure Consultants Limited

Account #                          1000-594771-0002
Account Type:                   Euros
Swift Address:                  BKNZNZ22


We can accept donations in New Zealand Dollars to our Bank of New Zealand NZD account:

Adventure Consultants Ltd.
02 0673 0043443 00

You will be sent a receipt for all donations and you will be included in all correspondence regading the progress of the families and the support that has been provided. THANK YOU for your support.

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Sherpa Future Fund

If you would like to support of the victims and affected families of the Everest Base Camp Avalanche, please consider contributing to the Adventure Consultants Sherpa Future Fund. 
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