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Newsletter April 2013 - Everest underway!

We have been preparing for months with detailed planning and organisation and we now have our pre-monsoon expeditions underway, Everest 2013 and Lhotse 2013 as well as our Everest Base Camp Trek.  Read on for details on these trips and our upcoming expeditions to the most adventurous corners of the world.

We've also just had the most fantastic summer in New Zealand and it has carried on into autumn with long hot days and great climbing conditions. There is still time to climb a peak or two here in New Zealand before the days start to shorten measureably as winter approaches, so keep that in mind if you need some inspiration this month, we have guides available into early May.


Lhotse 2013

 Adventure Consultants Three Peaks Nepal 2012 Expedition.  Mark Morrison I’m really happy to announce that our Lhotse expedition is about to begin! I’ve waited a long time to have a serious attempt at this mountain.  I’ve looked at it so many times from Everest and wondered when I was ever going to get a chance to climb it, that time is now!

The ascent follows the same route as for Everest, right up to the last camp which we place very close to the South Col. From there we ascend a narrow couloir that takes us directly to the summit. Lhotse is the world’s fourth highest mountain at 8,516m.

I’m joined by Heather, Anthony and Suze for what should be a really fun expedition with a good strong team. Of course we’ll be in amongst it at Everest basecamp with our family of guides, Sherpas and BC staff.

Follow our dispatches as we make our way into Base Camp and up the Lhotse face with us hopefully summiting during the final 2 weeks of May.

Guy Cotter

 Adventure Consultants is operating an expedition to climb 7126m Himlung in western Nepal, a remote non-technical peak, Sept 12 - Oct 14, 2013. Led by Mark Morrison, this is a fantastic opportunity to climb a 7000er with the high altitude specialists. 
High Altitude adventure on Himlung

With so many Himalayan trips on offer, what is Himlung all about?

Himlung is a 7000m peak in the west of Nepal, which is a relatively empty place and waiting for you to visit and climb. What better place to take that next step in high altitude climbing, all with a small dedicated well resourced team ready to tackle a 7000m peak.

The expedition starts in Kathmandu, Nepal. From here we travel out west to begin the approach trek towards the mountain. Our walk starts at 840m, climbing over 8 days to Base Camp at 4,900m. The trail takes us close to Annapurna before veering off to traverse the ancient villages of the remote Gandaki region. Here the inhabitants have retained much of the Tibetan culture and religious beliefs.
We place four camps on the mountain as we gradually move to higher altitudes. We benefit from the assistance of a strong Sherpa team and we’ve factored into our climbing plan a prudent window for reaching the summit.

The upcoming Himlung Expedition will run from September 12 to October 14. The price for this year's expedition is $11,300USD.

Cho Oyu is OPEN again, post monsoon 2013

This is an iconic 8000er to aim for and you are allowed inside Tibet to make the journey to this peak. Cho Oyu ticks so many boxes that you'll need to make your list longer. Great training for Everest or an 8000er jewel to aim for, and AC have the guides, planning and superb logitstics to take you there.

As with all ascents at high altitude the climbing is strenuous and requires a high standard of fitness but as a peak to experience the thin air at 8000m for the first time, Cho Oyu is ideal. A small team of Sherpas will accompany the expedition to provide the carrying power and to ensure the high camps are well stocked.
Our familiarity with the mountain and our ability to transcend the logistical hurdles, as well as providing excellent Base Camp food and comfort, makes the possibility of taking those final steps onto an 8200m summit that much greater.

The upcoming Cho Oyu Expedition will run from August 29 to October 11 with a pre-trip trek to Island Peak also available from August 8 to 25.  The price for this year's expedition is $21,950USD, inclusive of oxygen.

Ama Dablam, post monsoon 2013

You dream about this route, and it's real! Absolutely gobsmacking, good climbing but never too outrageous; we love it, you'll love it, let's go!

Ama Dablam has a special place in all our hearts and whilst you may feel that it's a matter of not when but how, well how about now! 

This expedition to the South West Ridge of Ama Dablam is ideal for technically orientated climbers but is never extreme and definitely qualifies as a "must do" for any committed alpinist.

We are also planning an expedition to the North Ridge of Ama Dablam in September / October 2013. The North Ridge of Ama Dablam is incredibly picturesque and a serious alpine route of world class standard. It has had few ascents as the climbing is both committing and exposed. Next Fall Adventure Consultants expedition will lead an attempt on this route suited for experienced climbers.
The expedition will be a small group (4-6) led by two Adventure Consultants Mountain Guides and four Sherpa Guides.
This expedition is ideal for technically orientated climbers with good mountaineering skills, some altitude experience and an adventurous attitude.

The upcoming Ama Dablam Expedition will run from October 15 to November 11. The price for this year's expedition is $9,900USD.

Mera Peak, an excellent choice for your first experience climbing at high altitude

An expedition to Mera Peak is the iconic journey to summit a 6000m peak in the beautiful remote but accessible Hindu Valley.  Mera Peak is Nepal's highest Trekking Peak at 6,476m, though the words 'trekking peak' should not be underestimated as this is mountaineering at high altitude and it's a great achievement to have climbed above 6000m.

We run exceptional trips to Mera that think of everything and avoid the pitfalls that others try to rush upon you. This is not a peak to be taken lightly and we have an approach for those who have done the preparation and training  that takes you to the summit sensibly and in style.

A simply gorgeous first experience and initiation into the world of high altitude mountaineering!

The pre-monsoon Mera Peak Expedition will run from April 23 to May 17 and a post-monsoon trip will run from September 24 to October 18. The price for this year's expedition is $5,500USD.


Alpamayo Huascaran, spots still available on our July trip

What are you doing this July?

Alpamayo awaits those who yearn for an exciting steep summit day high in the beautiful Peruvian Andes, with fantastic support and really great guide leadership. Plus you can use your acclimatisation to extend the journey and go on to climb Huascaran, another beautiful fascinating peak in the Andes. We are going, are you coming with us?

Nevado Alpamayo, as it is more correctly known, is situated in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. With its twenty-nine summits at over 6000 m, the Cordillera Blanca forms but a small part of the Andes chain, which lies down the whole western side of South America. Alpamayo doesn’t quite reach that rounded figure of 6000m, but makes up for its relative lack of height in aesthetic beauty. The climbing is not overly technical but the addition of altitude makes this is a challenging South American peak.
Our small group expedition to Alpamayo, with a 1:2 guide to client ratio, allows you a greater chance of summit success.

The upcoming Alpamayo Expedition will run from July 7 to 25 with the Huascaran add-on immediately following from July 26 to August 2 . The price for this year's expedition is $5,700USD.  The price for the add-on varies depending on the number of people in the group. Details can be found on our website.

Cholatse, are you ready for the challenge?

Wild, remote, challenging, but in the Khumbu seemingly close to it all and a step up above the rest!

Cholatse has limited spaces and you need the right background and experience to be accepted on to the team. Call and chat with our team and we'll fill you in on more detail.

The southwest ridge of Cholatse is a hidden gem of the Himalaya. Nestled between the Khumbu and Gokyo valleys in the Everest region, Cholatse is a spectacular peak with steep soaring lines on every aspect.
Never extremely hard, yet never easy either with long sustained stretches, the SW ridge undoubtedly equals the SW ridge of Ama Dablam as an objective, yet is free of the large numbers on that route.
This ascent is suitable for climbers with a good level of mountaineering experience who are capable of contributing to the outcome of the expedition.

The upcoming Cholatse Expedition will run from October 21 to November 21. The price for this year's expedition is $9,500USD.

Antarctic Peninsula....four more adventurers! Jan 2014

Private yacht charter for ski touring the most ultimate beautiful lines on the remotest ice peninsula in the world, seeking more ski tourers and climbers with adventure at heart. Our boat is booked and we need just 4 more exploratory adventurers to make this Antarctic dream a reality.

A multitude of peaks exist in the region, which are mostly unclimbed and all have new route potential from the less technical to the extreme! Expedition participants can choose to climb mountains or ski tour around the region or even just observe the wildlife.
Normally an expedition to Antarctica can be extremely costly and difficult to arrange but by joining one of our expeditions you will get to experience the abundant wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula without the hassle.

The Antarctic Peninsula Expedition will run from January 6 to February 7, 2014. The price for this year's expedition is $25,000USD.

Cartensz Pyramid, all go for August and November


THE jungle adventure capped off by equatorial climbing pefectedness is all go for August this year, then again in November.

We are the Carstensz pioneers and our guides are PSYCHED to get back to this tropical peak for adventure, stepping back in time, climbing a 7 summit and meeting a whole crew of like minded individuals. We have operated ten previous expeditions to the mountain.

The trek to the Base Camp at 4,200m starts after a plane ride to Timika on the island of Papua followed by another small plane ride to a remote village called Sugapa and then six days trekking to reach Base Camp, requiring 20 days overall.

The August Carstensz Expedition will run from August 12 to 31 and the November Carstensz Expedition from November 4 to 23. The price for this expedition is $18,500USD


Khumbu Trek

Trekking in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal is amongst the most dramatic and picturesque in the Himalaya. The scenery is varied and spectacular, the lodgings and tracks of very high standard, and the interaction with the local inhabitants is forever memorable.
This trek is unique in that, as well as visiting Everest Base Camp, we have the privilege of spending some time at Island Peak Base Camp with our climbing expeditions, giving an appreciation of the inner workings of expedition life.
The trekking days are moderately strenuous following well established paths between the villages along the route. The daily trekking stages involve walking for between 4 and 6 hours with plenty of scenic places to stop along the way. The whole area is stunning and the trek also allows us the privilege of crossing the Kongma la, a high pass with the best views we have seen in the Himalayas. While the climbing expedition members are making the ascent of Island Peak, the non-climbing members get to explore around the region's rarely visited areas or merely just put their feet up with a book!

The pre-monsoon Khumbu Trek will run from April 26 to May 18 with a post-monsoon trek running from October 15 to November 6. The price for this year's trek is $4,100USD.


Adventure Consultants operate full service guided expeditions to Manaslu to attempt the classic North East face ‘normal’ route. The expeditions operate in both the pre and post monsoon seasons.
Manaslu is considered an ‘achievable’ 8000m peak with a climbing route that follows a relatively straightforward line to the summit without any significant technical sections. This expedition is for seasoned climbers who are comfortable climbing on a guided expedition on an 8000m peak. The expedition will be managed and led by seasoned AC senior guides and our select team of strong and experienced Sherpas who will carry the group equipment.
Expedition members can elect to include additional Sherpa support to carry personal gear (good for aging knees!) and oxygen is included in the price.
This expedition presents a real opportunity for climbers to perform in the world of 8000m with reliable leadership and very experienced guides to enable you to focus on the climbing.

The pre-monsoon Manaslu Expedition will run from April 14 to May 25 with a post-monsoon expedition running from September 1 to October 12. The price for this year's Manaslu Expedition is $19,500USD. it!

The highest point in Africa, Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano and although it lies 3° south of the equator, an ice cap covers the crater of Kibo year-round. We climb the Machame Route. This route winds around the “skirt” of the mountain, slowly gaining altitude and giving us glimpses of the entire south side of this majestic peak.

The climb initiates at the Machame village on Kilimanjaro’s southern flanks leading up through thick tropical forest to more exotic and unique flora as elevation is gained. We overnight in designated camp sites where our cooks provide sumptuous meals in a private dining tent and you sleep in modern mountain tents. At the end of the second day the route ascends above the tree line where you are transported into a wild volcanic landscape with the high summit dome overhead.  The subsequent camps have panoramic views and feature brightly coloured skies at dawn and dusk.

This expedition features a smorgasbord of African culture and scenery, providing a fabulous excuse to visit this wild continent. Any visit to Africa must include a Safari and our 4 day / 3 night Safari tour takes in some of the world's most unique game reserves such as the Manyara, Serengeti and Norongoro National Parks. Our Kilimanjaro expedition is undoubtedly amongst the best on offer.

Upcoming Kilimanjaro Expeditions will run from June 23 to July 5, July 7 to 19, August 25 to September 6 and September 8 to 20. The price for the climb with safari is $6,250USD per person and for just the climb is $4,400USD.

There's a chill in the air...winter in NZ's Southern Alps is just around the corner!

Ice Climbing Courses

Try something new this winter!  The fun begins with a helicopter flight into our cosy Expedition Base Camp where you will stay for the duration of the 5 day course.

You will learn all the skills you need to climb steep ice waterfalls in the best climbing area in the country.  Finish this course and you will be able to confidently tackle steep ice on big alpine routes.

Courses run throughout the winter in July and August.  Price: $1,950NZ  includes ground transport, helicopter access and 4 nights accommodation in our cosy Expedition Base Camp.

Ski Touring

Take your skiing adventures beyond the ski area boundaries this winter and get your fair share of untracked powder!

Adventure Consultants offer a variety of options for all level skier/snowboarder  from Backcountry Skiing Courses that provide you with up-to-date techniques and safety skills for travelling in NZ's high mountains to Guided Backcountry Ski Touring in New Zealand's majestic Southern Alps where you can either base yourself in a high alpine hut with fresh tracks right out the door or cosy up in our Expedition Base Camp based in Queenstown's Remarkables Range.

Backcountry Skiing Courses run in August and September.  Price: $1,950NZD (five day course) and $2,450NZD (seven day course)

Guided Backcountry Ski Touring is available from July through October.  Prices vary depending on number of days and group size.

Ski Queenstown Backcountry New Zealand 3 day trips are available from end of July through August (Friday to Sunday).  Price: $1,125NZD




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