Einar Torfi Finnsson

Einar Torfi Finnsson

Polar Mountain Guide

Einar is one of the founding members of Icelandic Mountain Guides, Adventure Consultants' expedition partner in Iceland. Einer has a passion for all things polar, especially leading expeditions on any occasion he can escape from the office.

  • Bio

    EinarTorfiFinnssonWhen it comes to polar adventures, Einar is an expert! His knowledge of polar destinations has no limits, have completed numerous expeditions across Greenland, Iceland and the Antarctic. Einar's passion is for guiding and adventure in polar regions and you can be sure that a book about some polar expedition is never far from his nightstand.

    Einar spends most of his time running Adventure Consultants expedition partner, Icelandic Mountain Guides, but finds time to clear his mind every now and then doing what he loves most… guiding tours. He has been guiding a range of trips since 1984, and has a wealth of experience as an active member of Iceland's Air Ground Rescue Team for over twenty years. In winter you will often find Einar in Greenland with his cross-country skis tied on, or in the centre of Iceland on the Winter Highlights Super Jeep Tour.